As a middle-aged woman, I’ve had my fair share of fat scares to deal with. Along with hundreds of instances of severe body-shaming during my young adult years. When I was completely at the mercy of my depressing thoughts and emotions. Issues made decidedly worse by my bullying father. A retired military man who still takes a lot of delight in bringing me down. Just the other day, I received a particularly taxing message from him when I logged on Facebook via my Frontier FiOS Internet. In his usual careless manner, he had called me a ‘fat pig’, – so go figure…

Today, I Weigh Less than I Used To

And this is despite the fact that at 53, I weigh only 170 pounds. Which, as any online health journal will tell you, is not too bad. Particularly for someone who is constantly at risk from a family history of hyperlipidemia (excessive cholesterol). And someone who started from an initial weight of 250!

My life of personal tragedy is not what I want to share with you, however. I’m done with becoming pitiful over my sad condition. Because that’s what your enemies want to derive pleasure from. You’re becoming worse off.

No…I’m not going to do that!

Instead, I’ll share 5 tips through which you can lose your excessive weight instantly.

Five Ways to Drop the Fat

These come from my practical weight loss experience. And they prove most helpful when it comes to getting rid of stubborn fat reserves. Of the kinds that greatly hinder your perfect bikini body from developing. Or which proves to be a big obstacle in getting you to fit in that slim-sized dress you got on your birthday.

Very simply, you need to:

  • Increase your Quality Proteins Content
  • Go Low on the Simple Carbs
  • Stock up on Eight Glasses of Water (but no more!)
  • Invest in Probiotics
  • Limit Gluten and Lactose Intake (even if you’re not allergic)

On a daily basis.

I’ve explained each of these points in detail below.

Increase Quality Proteins Intake

First of all, you need to understand that not all proteins are the same. This is because their constituting amino acids (nine of which are ‘essential’; you need to get them from your diet) arrange differently. And also because not all proteins contain the full spectrum of the essential A.As in abundance.

Among all the kinds of natural protein foods available in the supermarket, eggs are true ‘King’! Due in large part to their impressive amino acid score (yes, there is such a thing). Amino acid scores help expert dietitians determine the types and volumes of amino acids within a protein sample.

Other common protein sources, like all kinds of animal meat, dairy products, and pulses, are a little deficient on this front.

For consistent weight loss (and muscle retention), you should ideally aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This means that the greatest portion of your plate should be of this food group.

Couple this with a regular high-intensity/short duration exercise regimen, and you’re all good.

Go Low on Simple Carbs

Simple carbs include all your sweet bakery items, fruit juices, instant snacks, and sugary desserts which are digested quickly. And which go on to spike your blood sugar levels.

The problem with these kinds of foods is that their (caused) blood sugar highs are followed by quick ‘crashes’. These lead to unbearable food cravings for most people – and cause them to binge repeatedly. Resulting, as you may have guessed, in unsightly weight gain.

You can’t remove carbs completely from your diet, as this approach isn’t healthy (or natural). A better option is to replace simple carbs with the food group’s ‘complex’ variants.

Complex carbs tend to retain a lot of their original fiber content through the factory packaging and distribution process. And so they take longer to digest; causing you to feel ‘full’ for longer time frames.

Replacing your morning white bread or bagel slices with whole grain is a good place to start.

H2: Stock Up on Your Recommended Water Fix

Drink up your recommended 8 glasses of water daily. And increase this volume to 9-10 glasses during the hot summer months.

But (contrary to popular fitness advice) don’t go overboard!

This is because drinking excess water, for most people, can lead to a lot of bloating.

In my experience, I’ve noticed that water-weight (which is the first type of weight that you lose on high-protein diets) usually accounts for at least 5 to 8 lbs. of body weight.

Take Daily Probiotics

Because these beauties help to ensure the continued health of your gut bacteria – which are essential for a healthy digestive tract.

Good gut health helps to relieve inflammation, which may be the reason why you feel bloated all the time.

Probiotics are plentiful in all kinds of yogurt-based products. But if you really want to give your taste buds a treat, go for Greek yogurt or kefir.

Limit Gluten and Lactose Intake

I first came across this health advice on a health documentary that a friend streamed over her Frontier TV package. The idea is to watch out for any undiagnosed food allergies that you may have. These greatly impair your weight loss goals. And like a cunning thief, they keep on lurking in the background; until they’re caught and accounted for!

Author Bio:

Dipali is an enthusiastic health blogger and the founder of She likes to share her thoughts to make people inspired about their fitness. She is an experienced writer and author on highly authoritative health blogs.