The overlay in Discord allows you to not only display the names of the interlocutors during a conversation but also display the full interface of the Discord program on top of the game. After turning on the overlay, you can switch to other rooms, make calls or answer messages without minimizing the game.

Often, users do not quite understand how to enable the overlay in Discord in games, so for most users, even after setting up, the overlay in Discord does not work. This article will tell you how to properly configure an overlay in Discord. And also we will understand why the Discord overlay does not work in games.

How to set up an overlay in Discord

Before setting up the overlay, you must run Discord as an administrator. Earlier, we already considered how to run the program as an administrator in Windows 10. Since some settings cannot fully work if the game is launched as administrator, and Discord as user. and if you find to choose a perfect dwarf name that will dwarf name generator will help you In some situations, Discord itself will warn the user about disabling certain functions and the need to run the program as administrator.

inclusion inside the game overlay

  1. Open User Preferences and go to the Overlay section.
  2. Turn the slider of the Enable item inside the game overlay to the Enabled position

Additionally, we set a key that allows you to quickly lock or unlock the overlay in the game. It is also possible to adjust the size of the avatar, enable the display of the names of the interlocutors during the conversation and select the location of notifications in the overlay.

Turn on game overlay

Even after setting the above parameters, users find that the overlay in games is not displayed, or does not work properly in Discord. You can solve the current problem in just a few taps, separately activating the overlay in games.

  1. Similarly, open the User Settings and go to the Game Activity section.
  2. Next, opposite the desired game, press the On / Off button overlay

By default, in the current location, users find that the overlay is disabled in all games. Therefore, the overlay must be activated for each game individually. also, its gaming time that warrior cat how we will forgotten warrior cat name generator  Then it will be possible to include an overlay in the game using the previously set key combination. If the desired game is missing here, then you can add it yourself or it will be automatically added after the first launch.

Discord overlay not working

If you are sure that you did everything correctly and turned on the overlay in games, but it still does not work and does not appear, then you should pay attention to your antivirus. Modern antivirus programs can block the overlay or slow down Discord. Therefore, if some functions of the program do not work properly, it is recommended to suspend the antivirus program, and if this helps, add the following locations to the antivirus program exceptions:

[stextbox id = ‘download’]

Overlay:% appdata% \ discord \ 0.0. * Program version \ modules \ discord_overlay2 \

Discord:% localappdata% \ Discord \

[/ stextbox]

Do not forget to insert the current version of Discord if you just copy the location, or see how  to enable the display of hidden folders in Windows 10  to find the current location in the system yourself. We will no longer consider how to add a folder to antivirus program exceptions since the user interface of all antivirus programs is different. You can see how to add exceptions, for example, in Windows 10 Defender.


The ability to enable the display of the overlay in Discord makes the game only better since you do not need to minimize the game to reply to a message or see who has entered your room. Using the keyboard shortcut, you can open Discord on top of the game to control the program. Therefore, the first thing that is recommended to do after installing the program is to enable and configure the overlay in Discord.