When you plan to start a new business, brand, or product, it is highly crucial to ensure that you pick up a unique name, logo or mark in order to market your product. A trademark can be a word, symbol, phrase, slogan, logo, or design that identifies your business’ goods or services, and distinguishes it from your competitors.

From a legal perspective, you should be aware of trademark laws. In case if you choose a logo that has already been using by someone else, you could be sued for trademark infringement. So, what to do now? How will you search for a unique trademark? Well, this is where a trademark registration lawyer will assist you.

Hiring a trademark lawyer can be a smart move. Your licensed trademark attorney can assist you by offering a wide range of services, including choosing a strong mark to register. Thousands of trademarks are registered every month for many reasons. Working with a professional can help you in avoiding the likelihood of this occurring. Wait! There is more. In addition to protecting your business, your specialist will also enforce your trademark rights if someone else tries to copy.

Experienced attorneys offer Trademark Registration in Dubai along with helpful advice on your intellectual property. In addition to this, they also offer services like evaluating trademark, filing trademark application, defending against application refusals. They will check the look and description of your mark in order to eliminate the chances of rejection for being too similar to someone else’s. Here are some tips for finding the right trademark attorney:

To make sure that you are choosing the right one, you need to consider these points carefully:

Look for an experienced attorney: Considering price should not be your priority. You need to consider the experience first. Degrees are important, but experience is something that comes along with time. An experienced lawyer must be familiar with the common pitfalls and errors associated with the entire process. Hence, he or she will assist you in avoiding all the errors by reviewing your trademark application.

Choose an educated one: While searching for an attorney for Trademark Registration in Dubai, you may find some non-legal professionals offering their services. Hiring them could be an affordable decision, but it can cost you a lot more in the long run.

An educated, qualified, and licensed lawyer can help you in providing legal advice on the risks associated with your trademark. He or she will conduct extensive searches to ensure that your application can get submitted.

Choose the one who gives your application the attention it deserves: Do not stuck with a lawyer who just collects applications and hand them out to paralegals. Before choosing any expert, you should verify that they will be handling your registration. They must guarantee you that they will personally supervise your application process and prepare and review it before sending it out.

Find someone who can keep you updated: Registering a trademark is not a one day process. It usually takes time. In some cases, the process may last longer than a year. During the entire process, your lawyer should keep you informed if there is an important update on the status of your application. Choose someone who is willing to keep you updated frequently. He or she should also provide you with copies of your trademark search report.

The bottom line

Hiring an attorney for Trademark Registration in Dubai is an expensive step. However, it would be more costly if you do not hire one. When it comes to finding a lawyer, simply consider all these points and make the right choice.