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House Painting

House painting is essential for both aesthetic and maintenance purpose. A well-painted house gives a fresh and  aesthetic look. The frequency of the exterior and interior painting would usually differ due to the exposure to the distinct environmental conditions. Also, the paint quality and process vary according to the surface of application. There are different types of paints available in the market to offer different texture, finish and protection. The cost of house painting is decided on many factors other than the paint itself, and here are the tips to control all the associated costs to make it affordable.

Know the associated costs

Before understanding the tips for saving, it is important to understand the associated costs. There are two major costs that mainly decide the cost of house painting and they are labour cost and material cost. Other miscellaneous costs involve cleaning and covering but these costs cannot be negotiated much as these are the standard costs that amount to only the fraction of the other two costs.

House Painting
House Painting

Tips to Save Money on Painting

Save on Material Cost

The cost of paints and material can be controlled to a large extent by choosing the paint finish that fits in your budget. You can visit the online paint gallery or the paint shops to find the best textures within your budget. For the same texture and finish, you will find various options from different manufacturers to fit in every budget.

Similar Shade Selection

This may not be good choice if you are planning for a complete makeover; however, it is still possible to some extent. Repainting the surface with similar shade would always cost less as compared to the totally distinct shade. You can change the shade for one wall to add a contrast and paint the rest of the walls in similar shades. This will save you a lot of money.

Labour Cost Quotes

Labour cost is the primary cost involved in house painting. Saving on this cost would mean a considerable saving on the overall cost. Taking multiple quotes for the labour expense could be the first step here. Take at least 3 quotes from the best painting contractors you know and then start the comparison. Remember that the comparison here should be done among them to ascertain that there is no quality compromise. If all other conditions are the same, then selecting the cheapest quote would be a good cost saver.

Share the Load

One thing is clear that doing the entire job yourself is not a great idea as it may not turn out to be the intended professional result. You can still share the load by getting involved in some of the tasks like preparing the surface for painting by sanding, scraping, removing the fittings and finally reinstalling the fittings. Offer what you can do and check the scope of reduction in cost! The labour cost would surely go down as less time would be used for house painting. 

Exclude the Unnecessary

House painting job includes painting everything starting from walls to doors and windows. If the cost of painting is not fitting in your budget, then it’s time to exclude the unnecessary. Remove the painting work for the surfaces that are still new and the quote will come down. If you are getting the painting work done at short time intervals then you can always exclude certain surfaces and even the rooms that are not used more often.

Budget is an important part of any decision, but the low budget should not result in low quality work. Try different cost reduction alternatives to find the best that fits in your budget without compromising on the quality as a whole.

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