Headaches are among the worst things that one can go through. It’s not something that can just go away in an instant and it keeps you away from getting things done. There are a lot of relaxing headache remedies that you can use at home to get rid of this pain. Some of them are pretty inexpensive as well. Since you are going through a headache, we’ll make it simple for you with some ‘do it yourself’ tips.

Here are some helpful tips that you can use every day for headache remedies:

  • Ginger Tea
  • Cayenne
  • Magnesium
  • Soak Your Feet
  • Coffee
  • Tie Your Head
  • Massage Oil

You might be wondering how to use each of the ingredients in your daily habit? Well, below we’ll go through each one of them and offer you brief information regarding their importance towards headaches.

Ginger Tea

Ginger contains several benefits when it comes to health. One of them is its anti-inflammatory properties that have been known to help you with getting rid of headaches. But how do you take it? You can’t just eat it raw, that’ll be too much to bear. Instead, have some ginger tea whenever you feel like you are going to get a headache. Just a teaspoon should be enough.


Cayenne peppers are also among the items that can help you deal with a headache. Cayenne contains capsaicin that are known and proven to cure headaches. They desensitize the nerve ending and help you soothe the pain in your head. The right way to use it is by mixing about a quarter of cayenne teaspoons with half a glass of water. But you aren’t going to drink it, instead apply the mixture inside your nostrils.


Magnesium has been known for multiple health benefits from muscle support to regulating blood sugar levels. It is also known to help people with relieving migraines. Research has shown that people who have migraines have a low amount of magnesium, which is exactly why they are treated with magnesium in their daily doses.

Soak Your Feet

This might not feel like a lot but soaking your feet in warm water can help you relax a lot. This attracts blood to the feet and releases the pressure build up in the blood vessels in the head. If you have a bathtub then fill It with warm water and lie down. You should definitely feel some relief in some time.


There is a reason caffeine is used in a lot of pain relief medicines. This is exactly why we have also offered you the suggestion of having a cup of coffee whenever you feel like your head is about to burst. Just make sure you don’t add in chocolate to the coffee since it can make them worse.

Tie Your Head

When nothing else works or you don’t have other things from the list to cure your headache, just tie it up. That doesn’t mean you tie yourself in tape. Use a headband or scarf that you can tie around your head, try to keep it a little tight. This can help reduce the blood flow to the scalp and relieve a lot of pain.

Massage Oil

It is always a good idea that you have some sort of massage oil handy with yourself. You never know when you might get a headache and need one handy. Use a bit of massage oil and rub it gently on your forehead. These massage oils have a lot of beneficial ingredients that can help relieve the pain in your head.