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How to get started with software development

If you are not a person with higher intelligence than average, to be honest, software development is not for you, you are basically impossible High achievement and status in the field of software development, and will soon be eliminated due to age.

Let’s discuss the process:

1. Start self-learning software programming course

There are a wide variety of programming languages, each with its own merits. Before learning, you need to know which programming language you want to learn. Once identified, a sound learning plan needs to be developed and the learning plan is consistently implemented. Develop good study habits during the learning process.

I don’t like research, I can’t sit still, but if I don’t like to fish for two days, or I don’t like computers, I don’t like to learn to program. Even if I work hard for a while, I won’t be able to end up in the end, it is a failure, it is difficult to be in this article. Going far on the road. The entry point for programming is interesting. Interest is the biggest source of motivation for learning. Need to have perseverance and patience, it is not difficult to enter this industry, even if you have no foundation and experience, you can learn well. Those who create programming languages ​​and those who create computers are also starting from scratch. They are also gaining results by constantly trying to figure out, learning and practicing. There is no technology big cow that has everything from the beginning, and nothing starts from nothing. As long as you are interested and willing to work hard, you may slowly find that learning software development is not as difficult as you might think.

2. we must pay attention to programming basic skills

Most of the big bulls in the industry have experienced hard and long-term program development learning and actual combat. If you want to be a good programmer, the most basic coding learning must not be skipped. The knowledge must be solidly mastered, just like Java development. The premise of project training is to master a certain foundation of Java course. If you do not directly stabilize the foundation, you can do it directly and learn logically. ability.

3. Learning of additional skills

As I said earlier that software development involves a kind of logical thinking, you must learn some mathematics and learn the mathematics formula. The software development industry pays special attention to efficiency. If the logic of a function you write is not very clear, the whole project may circle a big circle. There are many redundant components in this code, which wastes a lot of time, so you need to know how to cultivate it. I must have my own logical thinking. The second is English learning. Although learning software development does not require strong English skills, if you have certain English skills, it will be more conducive to deeper technological development.

4. Cultivation of hands-on ability

As a programmer, the hands-on ability is very important. The various knowledge points and thoughts you learn can be developed and drilled to be stable. The most feared students are the students who only stay in books or in class, but they don’t really complete it, you will continue to find problems in the process of doing it, and then solve the problem yourself, so that you can become a real master. Also learn to find effective ways to learn, so that learning will be like a duck. You can watch video learning first. It is much faster than reading a book, and it is also more simple. After you have mastered certain knowledge, you can try to do projects. From small projects to practical projects, practical software development engineers. It is what companies really like.

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