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“How to create an SEO landing page”

When creating the following landing page you must consider the following tips and best practices as an SEO Services landing page template suggested below

 “Publish a custom URL”

In many cases, when you create a page using a content management system, you can choose to publish in a subdomain of your service provider.

 “Specify the keyword”

It’s very important  This is the part of the word that you choose to rank the page in the search engine. Keyword research is long and can be a process of inspiration.  But, like everyone else, the more you research, the better prepared you will be.

 The concise version reads as follows:

Make a list of terms associated with the page and try to find a combination of terms that someone can type in Google (called a long distance keyword) to find what to offer.

  1. “Strategically include keywords on the landing page

Once you’ve identified your targeting keywords, place them strategically on your landing page.  If you want to use a SERP, place it in the following location.

Title tag : “This is the title of the page”. A large blue link appears that represents the SERP page at the top of the browser tab.  Focus on making the title attractive to generate clicks.

Meta description: this is a brief description of the page that appears below the SERP header.  Use it to let researchers know what they will find on the page when they click.

  1. “Do not worry about the length of the page.”

Traditionally, we have heard that search engines prefer excellent content to short content.  This is completely incompatible with our teachings on the creation of excellent landing pages.

In most cases, the landing page must be simple and concise.  So how do you work when you create an SEO homepage?  Is there an intermediate point that can be reached?

According to Neil Patel, the data shows that content in long formats is important in search engines, but this relationship is more relevant than causal.

The meaning is as follows.  There is no evidence that increasing the number of words increases the classification of the SERP.  The fact that all long content is not properly sorted is proof.

  1. “Secure link to the page”

Linking people to your pages is the best way to organically improve search engine rankings.

First: “create the original SEO content writing “.  If necessary, obtain results, data and case studies from others, but do not copy them directly (or better if you do case studies).  The more creative your content, the more research and value it will have, the better it will be.

Second: “identify influential people in the industry”. Combine contact reports, email surveys and social surveys to find contact information for people who may be contributing content.

Third: use the meticulous techniques used by the Fractal Agency to reach those who influence the backward links of Upworthy, TIME and Wired.

  1. “Keep the season homepage online”

Previously, I was explaining to people the confusion between short and long term sports.  These people may not have traffic.

  1. Speed up the page

The speed of the page is one of the few SEO rankings announced and confirmed by Google.

  1. “Make the content systematic”

It was once thought that social metrics such as retweet, share on Facebook and “+1” had directly affected the SEO of the page.

“Start using search traffic”

Start with one of the 100 commercial templates of Instagram page, start creating your own SEO homepage and start using search traffic.

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