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Learning vocabulary can be a challenge. But thankfully, there are many ways to do it. In this post, we’ll learn about some of them:

Read Books

When you are learning the language, reading books can help. But there is a challenge of getting lost. So, start with the one that you know already well. In this way, even if you are stuck in a difficult vocabulary, the context will help you. If that’s your favorite, you are sure to like reading it. Reading a hard copy ensures that you can mark the difficult words and find their meaning later on.

Use Flashcard

If you have access to a flashcard maker, you can use it to create flashcards and load them in your smartphone. The best advantage is portability as you can carry your phone along with you anywhere you want. Here are some details that you need to keep in mind are:

  • Use of pictures and words. It can make them a lot memorable.
  • Write only one question per card.
  • If there are too many words on the card, it will make it cluttered.

Like Music

If you do that, you can memorize songs in your target language. If you stuck while doing that you will want to remember those words with meaning. And when you are listening to music is so fun, it won’t feel like work. Sing along, and it will help to pronounce the words better. Always make sure that you are searching the most trending song in the target language. Picks a song that you are going to love as you will be hearing a lot and consider the lyrics to ensure that you understand what is being sung.

Use of Sign Language

Are you a kinesthetic learner? You might be using your hands to the best; then it is the method for you. If you connect words to gestures, they will become permanent in the memory.

It works exceptionally well with languages where one word can be combined with many other smaller words. If you are overwhelmed, make the use of this method to break them into smaller and more manageable ones. It is better to start small. Take about twenty to thirty words at a time.

Play Games

Video games are fun, and they are very entertaining as they may feel like a reward. You have to learn the target language if you want to win. You can make friends in this way or create a bond with the older ones. Always keep a notebook handy to note all the words that you are going to come across.

Immersive Learning

Sink yourself in an environment where there is hardly any choice. There is no need to go out; you can try it within your own house. Such learning will surely help.


These are a few ways to improve vocabulary. However, make the use of flashcard maker to create flashcards that you can always carry with yourself.


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