Tips to grow Instagram Followers organically

Everyone wants to know the tricks and best strategies to grow Instagram followers organically. Right..?? We were also very curated to know the best tricks and researched on it to share our experience and analytics which we have done to make for the Instagram users and the brands who want to know “how to increase/grow Instagram Followers organically?”

In our market research on Instagram, we have gone through many difficulties and sometimes found that there are few strong facts and tricks which can help you to grow your Instagram followers.

Let’s have a look at the Instagram strategy and techniques of working on Instagram which will help you to grow your followers and engagement as well:

1. Add potential in Bio

On Instagram, you will get the limited words space to describe you. So to tell your profile visitors about you by adding the potential bio in your profile. It will help you to notify the visitors who you are and raise visitors interest in personal branding Instagram accounts.

Now if you are a business then you must have to add:

  • Your business logo which will be your identity.
  • Your business URL for the visitor who wants to explore your business.
  • Describe the bio section by adding a few information about your business.

You can also add the headshot of your key product instead of the logo if you want which will also give you the good exposure and people will visit your profile and follow you to know more about your products.

2. Consistent Posting Schedule

To make your Instagram profile more engageable you have to plan the consistent posting schedule. As there is no algorithm and rule on Instagram for posting frequency but if you keep your business or personal profile active by posting new things on daily basis or consistent basis then Instagram users will love to click on the follow button to see your posts.

Adding consistency in a post on Instagram will stick the users and make them useful to see your post on a regular basis which keeps you connected with your followers and you will also gain the number of followers on your Instagram account.

3. Use Trending Relevant Hashtag

  If you follow the Instagram trends then users will follow you. The best thing which you can do is research about the trends and hashtags which most people are using and also make sure it must be relevant to you. Make a list of the Hashtags and then make the posts as per the trends which attract more visitors to visit your Instagram profile and if they will love to see you again, they will follow you.

Hashtags play the vital role to grow your reach and you will become more famous on Instagram if people will share your posts and love your ideas which you share on your account. Make sure that you keep changing in your hashtag usage as per the trends because the same hashtags will never work for you longer.

4. Share Videos

As we know video marketing takes the place on the top list of the promotional or marketing strategy online, it works for Instagram also. Sharing videos on your account will tell people more about you than who you are and what you do.

If you are a company then sharing the videos of your company culture will help you to increase/grow Instagram Followers organically. You can also make good videos of your products and service usage which adds value for your business. On Instagram you can reflect either your small business ideas or your big brand showcasing you can do, it all goes in the favour of your business if you do it right by following the best marketing trends with unique ideas.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers go hard to promote things and as they have a strong base of followers, they will love to hear from them about you. You can influence your business niche to give a review of your service and product because it will help you to gain leads.

If they post a relevant post of your business on their own account their followers will like that post & share it on their profiles also. It will give you a good exposure on Instagram and you will get followers. A mention by a famous influencer will impact powerfully for your business or personal profile and you will gain followers fast.

6. Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories grab the attention of your followers and new visitors to engage with you. You can behind the scenes, your company culture, events and upcoming offers on the stories. It will appear on all the follower’s profile and keeping it casual will help you to find it more entertaining for the viewers.

Keep consistency on posting the stories also it will help you to grab the attention for the new followers and the number of your profile followers will reach the point where you will be reflected as a brand. Your Instagram stories will say the story of your business or yours so make sure to keep it amazing for your visitors.

Increase Instagram Followers

There are more points which you wanted to take care of while posting on Instagram and help you to gain more followers:

  • Choose quality photos to post
  • Add locations in your post
  • Connect with people of your business niche
  • Write unique captions & content to post
  • Analyze the best engagement time to post
  • Cross-Promote on Instagram
  • Create your own unique insta feed style for brand exposure

Here we go with some amazing and must follow Instagram marketing strategy to increase/grow Instagram Followers organically. The benefits you will get by growing the followers in Instagram are – people will know by as a brand, you will be able to connect with the people who can help you to grow your business, you will know by our business name which is a big thing for every business.

So, choose your goal on Instagram to follow your dream of becoming a well-known identity and to grab the attention of more & more visitors now. Contact best SEO expert in IndiaPrempal Singh to grow up your brand online on Instagram.