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Olive wood is an extremely hard wood so cutting board made of olive wood will last a lifetime if maintained and cleaned properly. The post discusses some valuable tips for guiding people who use cutting board, manufactured with olive wood.

Treat Your Board With Vinegar

Every time after use, wash your olive wood cutting board using mild dish soap and hot water. Rinse and dry using a soft cloth. After that let it air-dry (bacteria die when they aren’t kept moist). In order to sanitize the cutting board, you may want to wipe your board with white vinegar after use. Vinegar helps eliminate salmonella, E. coli, and staphylococcus. Vinegar can be applied with a paper towel or, to make it even easier, have a spray bottle filled with vinegar ready, in your kitchen.

Keep Cutting Board Well Oiled

You must keep wood cutting boards dry to fight bacteria and mold, however, if the wood dries out excessively it can shrink and split. The best way is to oil your board regularly. The more regularly a board is washed, the more frequently it should be oiled. A wood cutting board used rarely can make do with a couple of oilings a year, while heavy use in a dry climate, may need daily oiling. Applying oil once in seven days is ideal for most cutting boards. Ideally, you should go for olive oil or other vegetable oils or better if you use food-grade mineral oil.

Avoid Soaking Cutting Board in Water

Don’t soak your olive wood cutting board in water else it will split and twist! Avoid putting it in a dishwasher to clean. As the way, most cutting boards and butcher boards are designed (gluing pieces of wood together), doing this may make your board fall to pieces!

Don’t Let Liquids To Stand On the Board

Make sure you should not let liquids to stand on, your cutting board for longer periods of time. Wipe water, juice, brine and the juices from fresh meat off your board, at the earliest opportunity, to keep it from soaking into the wood. It can make the cutting board expand, the wood to soften, and the toughness of the glued joints to erode. Also, using a nice steel scraper or spatula will allow keeping the cutting surface clean and sanitized. Scraping the surface can clear most of the moisture.


Proper maintenance will allow your cutting board made with olive wood, last a lifetime.

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