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Modern cars require high tech maintenance to make the system work for a longer time. It is essential to keep it in excellent condition for more effective performance.


Therefore, here are a few signs given by M & C Tyres to figure out when your car is not working, and when is it require to get it maintained.

  1. Never ignore the warning lights that appear on the car. The system inside your car recognizes the problem and single the driver to rectify it. So when these lights appear, do follow the instructions to correct it. One must make sure to never ignore a few important signs like— Engine light, tire pressure, tempers warnings, engine oil.

  1. Unusual sounds while braking can be a major warning sign which if ignored can become loose, and thus are dangerous. It is advisable to replace such brakes as soon as the problem starts to occur.

  1. Unusual sounds from the engine is also not a very good sign to drive a car. This could mean the dropping of oil pressure or perhaps the choice of octane fuel is not good. In any case, one should immediately get it checked and repaired.

  1. Loose steering and wheels become trouble to get on the straight track. Under this condition, there is trouble with steering. A wheel also needs to be in a top-notch position for efficient performance in a car. For eg— Uneven tyre is not fuel-efficient or unbalanced tyres can lead to faster tread wearing. In either case, a car needs to be checked. Considering the importance of a tyre, Wheel Balancing Uxbridge can sort the problems of a tyre as quickly as possible. It balances the right weight and rectifies the unevenness of a tyre. Therefore, if a car makes an unusual noise, it means it needs to be checked immediately.

  1. If there is a slight obstruction in the performance of a car, it might mean that there is a need for oil. A blocked filter could also mean a sign of an oil leak. Oil leak must get it repaired.

  1. The tyres should be the most to focus upon. Uneven wearing of a tyre could lead to huge blowouts, an under-inflated tyre can lead to wearing on edges, unusual vibration can lead to a suspension issue.

  1. Too much corrosion can lead to leaks in radiators. Poor maintenance and unusual leaks can lead to corrosion which causes a radiator to leak. A vehicle with leaks in the radiator can overheat or could cause major damage.

  1. Leaks in transmission would not be able to keep the transmission elements lubricant. If the leaks are not repaired on time, then the level of fluid decreased and transmission becomes inefficient.

  1. A battery needs to be replaced every 3-6 years. Leaving the lights on for a day could hamper the batteries. The alternator should be checked in case batteries are not working properly, it could be the reason that they are not charging the battery.

  1. A sign of smoke from a vehicle should never be ignored. Black or blue smoke could mean the burning of the oil. White smoke could mean that the cylinder head is cracked which is caused by overheating.

Therefore, the above-mentioned problems in a vehicle should never be ignored and must be dealt with by a professional mechanic to make a vehicle run for a longer time.

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