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Electric Bicycle Engine Kit

There are several reasons one should choose to drive an e-bike in a country like the USA. It is an eco-friendly, healthy, pocket-friendly, and time-saving method of travel, all of which are services an average American needs. Instead of sweaty public transport, one can cycle on cycling lanes with less stamina required than for a normal bike and less danger and pollution than one would indulge in should they drive a motorcycle. Thus, an e-bike- the vehicle of the intellectual who wants to protect Mother Earth and stay a step ahead of the curve. However, one thing that every e-biker needs to learn is how to maintain the bicycle electric motor kit.

However, before we begin, we would like to remind our readers that wearing n helmet while riding these bikes is not optional and not wearing one can lead to serious or fatal injuries.

How can one maintain their bicycle electric motor kit? The following steps can provide some insight into the same. The parts of the motor kit are highlighted.

1. Air Filter

If you are a countryperson and driving down dusty lanes, you should clean the air filter every 5 to 20 hours of operation of the e-bike. This can be done by removing the filter cover. This will allow one to access the screen and element, which can then be washed with a de-greasing agent. Kindly ensure the element is completely dry before re-assembling the parts.

2. Spark Plug

One should regularly remove, inspect, and if needed, clean the spark plug for excess carbon build-up. Like the air filter, the spark plug should be checked after every 20 hours of operation.

3. Exhaust system

Ideally, after 20 hours of operation, one should check the exhaust pipe for excessive oil and carbon build-up. One should ensure that they use supplied support strap to secure exhaust muffler to a solid anchor point on the bike frame or engine before they check the exhaust pipe. After this one should-

One should remove the exhaust pipe cap by loosening the retaining screw.  Then one should pull the cap and baffle out of the pipe.
These should be cleaned with a degreaser. One should ensure everything is dry before re-assembling the parts.

4. Chain

Every time the e-bike is ridden, one should, check the tension of the drive chain and ensure to tighten chain if deflection is more than 15mm.

5. Head Bolts

One should tighten all fasteners after every five hours of operation. Ensure to check cylinder head bolts and tighten them in an X pattern to 12 ft/lb. using a torque wrench; however, one should not overdo this as it could break the bolts. These head bolts should be kept tight and checked before each ride, as vibration can cause them to loosen and blow a head gasket.

6. Right side gears

One should regularly remove the cover plate and apply a small amount of heavy grease on the gear train. However, one should ensure not to over grease as leaks may adversely affect clutch operation. Regular greasing, however, if required and done correctly can help reduce gear wear and keep the gear train quiet.

Following these steps can ensure that one’s bicycle electric motor kit is in good condition. One should also take their bike to a mechanic regularly, as most articles about this topic on the internet are not written by actual mechanics and, thus, can provide layman’s information only.

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