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The pandemic is changing daily life in ways most people never anticipated. It’s not about just staying healthy, it’s about managing the upcoming economic crisis and staying mentally sane while in quarantine, too. For most people, this means working from home. If you’ve been in the office your whole life, this transition can be hard and hinder your productivity. You have to understand that this isn’t a vacation and that work still needs to get done but also try not to overdo it so you don’t damage your mental health.

Such a balance seems impossible to achieve when our work and personal lives seem to be completely intertwined, but with these tips, you can stay healthy, happy, and productive in the upcoming months.

1. Stick to your routine

Just because you’re not going to the office doesn’t mean you don’t have work to do. If you want to stay on track and keep to your schedule, your mornings shouldn’t change. Get up at the usual time you get up, take a shower, get breakfast, have your morning coffee, and get dressed for work. This will help you feel like your day still has a purpose, even if you’re meant to stay indoors.

Getting dressed for work will remind you not to get too comfortable and make you feel more professional. Sitting in front of your laptop all day won’t feel like you’re just browsing the internet. Instead, you’ll feel like you’re actually working. 

This can also help distinguish between your personal and work life now that both have to happen in the same place. At the end of the day, you can simply take your clothes off and start relaxing. The good news is that you won’t have to waste time on commuting like you usually do, leaving you extra time to reflect on the day and chill.

2. Write your feelings down

Staying upset is much more common if we keep these feelings inside. If you don’t know how to talk to your family members or simply feel like they won’t understand, you should start writing your feelings down. Don’t hold anything back. Keeping a diary of your feelings will help you understand how you’re coping with the situation and will help you analyse how rational and productive the thoughts you’re having are.

As well as that, it will help put some distance between you and the things written on the paper. Once you calm down or stop feeling a certain way, you can come back to your thoughts and analyse the situation. From here, you can brainstorm better ways to cope with the situation. Soon enough, you’ll know exactly how to handle your emotions in the most productive way, while still managing your mental health.

Remember to write down the positive things, too. This will help remind you that not everything is as bad as it may seem. Write down every time you feel happy and every time something good happens. This will help keep you away from depression and sadness, as we tend to lose a sense of reality and focus only on the bad things in a situation like the one the world is facing today.

3. Invite nature inside

If you can’t go outside and take a walk in the fresh air to clear your head form the work and the ongoing world crisis, bring nature indoors. Just because most venues don’t accept the public anymore doesn’t mean they don’t deliver. Nothing’s stopping you from ordering flowers online and decorating your home with the most fragrant and colourful flowers.

They’ll help you see that there is still beauty in the world and provide comfort in these trying times. As well as that, they’re a soothing surface for your eyes, providing a comfortable break from staring at the screen all day. 

Let’s not forget that flowers create more oxygen, thus making your home feel fresh and lively. Breathing in the fresh air also means that more oxygen will be in your blood and that more of it will reach your brain. The result of this is that you’ll feel much more energized and focused. Who said staying indoors meant feeling drowsy and unfocused all the time? Just sprinkle a little bit of beauty around the home and watch yourself blossom.

4. Take breaks

It may sound unreasonable to take breaks when you know you need to be productive, but it’s actually one of the best things you can do for yourself in this situation. No matter how much you understand that you need to keep working, you’re not a robot. The matter of the fact is that you’re probably exhausted from your job and subconsciously see this opportunity as a way to get some rest.

So why not do it? If your body and mind are obviously telling you that they need some time to recover from the stress and sudden changes, listen to them. Forcing yourself to work when you’re exhausted mentally will only make push you towards burning out.

Make a list of priorities and things that absolutely need to be done, then leave the rest to some other days of the week. You can also make it so you have a half-hour or hour break after every few hours of working. You make your own rules in quarantine and as long as things get done by the end of the day, there’s no reason you shouldn’t indulge yourself. 


As you can see, the pandemic doesn’t totally have to disrupt your daily life. It’s all about adapting to the circumstances and doing the best that you can. We’re confident that you’ll walk out stronger and more confident after this pandemic, even if times seem hard right now. Remember that staying home is your best chance to avoid getting sick, as well as your responsibility not to get others sick. The next few months won’t be easy, but you’ll definitely manage.

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