Parents eat, live, breathe, think, rise, sleep. Whatever they do, they do only for their kids. 24×7 they only think about their kid’s future. They always sacrifice their own happiness, for their kids. They work harder and harder for their kid’s bright future. And this is not the story of a single parent. I can this is the story of every parent. Their love is selfless, their emotions are genuine. Our parents never forget anything about us. Our first day of school to the last day of the college. Especially our birthdays, but as a kid what we do for our parents. But if you want to do something really special for your parents. Then do on this parent’s day. If you are a teen just like me, who does not have much money. If you can pay as much you want, then also you should try this. This is a gift idea that I am going to share with you all. Anyone can do this for their parents, so let’s start.

Things Required For Making Mug and Procedure

  1. Simple and plain mug according to your choice. Because on a plain white mug, you can create whatever you want. You are free to choose colors and designs. So I will suggest choosing a plain white mug. It could be of any size and shape, according to your preferences. Order online flower delivery in delhi and you will get the mug, according to your desire. Bloomsvilla is also good at it. So you can try them also. Try to take Sharpie mug.

  1. Permanent marker of different colors. If you lots of different colors permanent marker. Then you can make so many designs.  Lots of colors will give you the freedom, to show your creativity. I think you should have at least 2 or 3 color markers. But again, I will suggest using at least 5 different colors. It will make it look attractive and elegant.
  1. Alcohol is required to wipe the mug. You have to wipe all those portions in which you will do creativity. I will suggest use Sharpie mug. Because their paint doesn’t faint, after applying an alcohol wipe. Leave for dry it for a few minutes. So that you can do the next activity. Again repeat use alcohol wipes only to clean it. Because it cleans all the germs and dirt. After it markers work smoothly.


After collecting the required material for making a mug. As you read the first step above, alcohol wipe. When your mug gets dried.  Take your favorite color permanent marker, and start making design. If you are confused that what should you make it? And if you are bad in art. Then you can write I love you, mom and dad. If you want you can write, “Happy Parents Day Mom and Dad”. Use different colors of permanent marker. You can make a simple smiley on it also. It will make your mug look simple and beautiful. If you are good at art, then do whatever you want to do.  When your mug is ready, I mean your creativity is done. Then leave it in the oven for dry in the oven. The temperature should be at 450 degrees. Leave the mug for 50 minutes on the oven to get dry. When your mug gets dry out then leave it for cool down. When your mug gets cool completely pack it and give it, to your parents.

When you will give this mug to your parents. I suggest adding some fresh flowers delivery in ahmedabad, in your gift also. They will be very happy. Because whenever we do small things for our parents. It is a huge thing for them, especially, on this type of special day.  This will be the best gift for your parents. You know why because, it is made by your hand. While making this gift, you had put lots of effort. And you know what, when you make the worst thing for your parents. But if it is comes from your effort, your hard work. Then that thing will be not less than precious gems for your parents.  So this parent’s Day, make this beautiful mug for your parents. And make them feel special and happy.