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All babies need care but premature infants need special care because they are born with lower birth weight. They usually have trouble taking the feed and there are also chances that their organs are also not fully developed. 

Premature baby’s weight gain is always an issue, it is a must to help your premature baby gain healthy weight to meet their developmental milestones. Moreover, parents of a premature baby have a lot into their platter. Starting from the time of baby’s birth to carrying and to taking care of their health, everything is challenging.  For the parents of premature baby, each step is difficult and it is a must to ensure and take proper care of their weight.

6 The surest way to make premature baby gain weight in a natural way

  1. Choose Breast Milk

Breastmilk is super healthy for babies. It is called liquid gold; it is the best choice for all the babies especially premature babies. Breastmilk contains a lot of calories, nutrients, and good fat. It also has antibodies that safeguard the baby from infection.  Breastfed premature babies are less likely to be affected by SIDs. The colostrum is offered to premature babies, it is extremely beneficial for premature babies.


  1. Opt for Supplementary Infant Formula 

Premature babies are born ahead of time hence the mothers are not able to produce milk. During such cases, mothers can offer supplementary formula milk so that the baby gets all the needed nutrients. Many supplemental formulae are specially designed to cater to the need for premature babies. These supplements have the right quantity of vitamins and minerals to meet the nutritional need of preemies.

  1. Regular Baby Massage 

Massaging is super helpful for babies; it is a traditional practice and has a lot of benefits. Regular massaging baby with coconut oil, mustard oil, baby oil helps them to grow and also increases the weight of the baby. While massaging premature baby be gentle and give mild stokes. It will help them to sleep better which will eventually contribute to their overall growth. The premature baby skin is super sensitive, hence check with your paediatrician while finalising a baby oil.  Mommies are the best person to do baby’s massage, a perfect way to bond with them.


  1. Follow A feeding Schedule 

New mothers are always required to follow a feeding schedule, make sure to feed the baby on demand. The tummy of the baby is small hence they need to be fed once every 2 hours. It is totally fine to wake the baby from sleep in order to stick to their feeding schedule. Premature babies usually don’t give any strong signals when they are hungry. It is best to follow a foul proof feeding schedule.  A baby must have 7-9 wet diapers in a day, it is the right way to check whether the baby is getting enough milk or not.


  1. Routine Check-Up 

Every baby needs a regular check-up, it should never be skipped especially when we have a premature baby. Post-birth as soon as the premature baby is born, she is shifted to NICU. The nurse and paediatricians regularly monitor the baby to check their growth and heartbeat. Once the baby is stable, she is discharged and the doctor also shares detailed follow-up appointment schedules. A premature baby should be checked regularly as per the doctor’s instructions.

The doctor will evaluate the baby and share insights about growth. Ask the doctors with needful questions and doubt out about the overall development of the baby. Never compare the growth and development of a premature baby with a full-term baby.

  1. Skin to Skin Connection 

Breastfeeding is not a cake walk; it can be hard for both fulltime babies as well as premature babies. Babies with respiratory problems usually find breastfeeding a bit difficult. You can also encourage the premature baby to suck on breast regularly. Give a lot of skin to skin connection to the baby.

 It will help the baby to bond well with the mother, it also helps in weight gain. Skin to skin connection keeps them warm and regulates the child’s body temperature. The baby also would feel comfortable, secure and happy. All these are essential for the overall growth and development.


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