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So guys, today we will make a telephone(Telefoon maken Breda) with a matchbox and study something about voice.


You should take two matchbox 2-3metter medium density cord and two matchboxes.


For making a telephone with a matchbox you should follow these simple steps.


Create a hole in the middle of the open matchbox.


Using a cord, tie a used match stick and the other head through a hole in the paper cup.


Move the other end of the cord to another open matchbox and tie it to the match stick to the use there.

This is a simple telephone model. You can play with your friends.

Advance version

We will also use a metal box for making a telephone instead of a matchbox and used narrow copper wire instead of the cord. We can ignore the voice and have excellent sound quality. Why excellent sound quality? Because thermal and electronic facilities are abundant in the metal. The copper wire add excellent flexibility even when a cord stretched on both ends.


Let’s know some theories, how this is work? As we know that elastic medium is needed to propagate this sound.  In gas form, the air is so medium. And there are copper wire and cord are also medium in solid form. The medium shiver forward with sound waves.

Of course, this serves as a turning point for you and your friend.  This is not for long-distance calls, because signal traveling in the copper wire and cord is weak. Future scope: the gramophone has a metal cone, which works as an amplifier. Maybe, we can use it instead of the paper cup.

You can make a telephone with cans

Why not make your phone? There is a great way to travel sound and to have fun at the same time.

You will need two empty cans, a cord, and a hammer.

  1. Clean the empty cans- if you don’t want to get beans in your ears. The open end will be the receiver of the phone and the other end will hold the phone wire.
  2. You can use a hammer or a nail to create a hole at the end of both cans.
  3. Insert one end of the wire through one of the holes. Tie a tangle in the wire on the inside of the can, so that wire stays add to the cans. Repeat this step with another can. Now cans attached.
  4. Hold one can and give others can to someone else. Walk away from each other as far as the cord between the cans is tense.
  5. Now you have made your telephone, you will be amazed at how much you enjoyed it.

How does it work?

The person at the other end of the telephone listens to your voice in the coupe of a millisecond if you have said it after that sound vibrates together and sent to the brain for action.


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