Are you and your partner booking a romantic hotel room for your special day?

Since not all hotel rooms are designed with “romance” in mind, you need to do extra work. You don’t have to splurge on a premium suite to create the warm, romantic ambiance that’s fit for the occasion – you just need to be creative enough to add special touches and transform a standard hotel room into a lover’s haven. 

Men, listen up! Check out these 8 tips for spicing up a standard hotel room for your romantic staycation. 

1. Let your staff know

Hotels are more than willing to accommodate their guest’s romantic endeavors. You may visit them in person or contact them by phone to communicate your plans. Tell them the time and nature of the visit, as well as the ambiance you’re planning to create. 

Who knows? They can provide you with romantic items like bathrobes with embroidered hearts, towels folded into swans, red silk linens, a basket of wine, grapes, and chocolates, and other small details that can create a romantic atmosphere. 

2. Choose a room with a view

When booking the perfect hotel room, make sure you get a room with a view of something you both enjoy. Do you like natural landscapes? How about a lovely view of the sprawling skylines and city lights from the 10th floor? The picturesque view from your room can instantly create a romantic ambiance. 

3. Prepare the romantic decorations

Spice up the hotel room with a few decorating essentials: 

  • Flowers and Flower petals – this may be an overused idea but it works all the time. Place several stemmed roses (or even a single rose bud) into the vases provided. Pack rose petals too and sprinkle them on the bed, on the floor, and in the bathroom. 
  • Candles – lighting design is a powerful element in setting the mood. Whether or not your room has enough dim lights, it’s suggested to pack enough candles and tea lights to give the hotel room a warm, soft glow.
  • Scent – make sure the room has a delicate, pleasant scent. You may use scented candles, fresh flowers, a set of aromatic soap, bath salt, and other fragrances. 
  • Music – bring a Bluetooth speaker and play some of your favorite songs. It doesn’t have to be a stereotypical violin or saxophone solo – it can be slow R&B jams, pop love songs, or even sexy blues that set up the mood. 

4. Create a mini spa area

You can decorate the bathtub with petals and candles. You may also transform a part of the room into a mini massage area and display a few bottles of scented creams and oils.

5. Plan for an intimate, romantic meal

If you have the budget, you can plan a romantic in-room dinner via your hotel’s room service. Many hotels develop a special holiday menu for lovers, which include a bottle of wine or champagne. If your hotel has a rooftop bar, consider having your date there to enjoy a lovely dinner with a view. 

6. Care for some aphrodisiacs? 

You can count on a few “aphrodisiacs” to set up the mood for lovemaking. We’re talking about wine, dark chocolates, spicy foods, and oysters. Whether or not they’re proven to boost your libido or not, they help relax and get in the mood. Plus, they make your dining table look luxurious. 

7. Arrive earlier

Whether you’re planning to have a romantic dinner with a view in the hotel or a steamy, post-dinner bond, you want your spouse’s eyes to sparkle upon arriving at the hotel room. That said, it’s suggested to arrive at the hotel alone, perhaps a couple of hours before your spouse to set up the scene. 

See if the room has everything you’ll need. Does it have a dining table for your romantic dinner? Dim lights? A bathtub and fragrant toiletries? Bathrobes for two? Wine, chocolates, and everything nice?

Lay out all the essential items for decorating the bed, the dining table, and the bathroom. Pick her up when the room is ready. 

8. Ask the hotel staff for help

If you can’t arrive at the hotel earlier than your spouse (assuming you’re going to arrive together) to set up the room yourself, try to communicate your needs with the hotel staff ahead of time and ask if they can spice up the room for you. 

Author Bio: Katie McGarr is a savvy travel and lifestyle writer for Pembroke Hotel Kilkenny, a four-star boutique hotel in Kilkenny, offering exceptional accommodation and dining experiences in Ireland’s historic marble city. When she’s not taking vibrant street photos, you can find her writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle.