The subject of an iPhone app development has been ruling the roost for a very long time, after it has become an unavoidable choice for brands worldwide to declare their superiority in their business niche using their own mobile app. Because of the fervency we have witnessed about mobile iPhone app development, we can say that it hardly takes so much expertise as to develop an app for your client, irrespective of whether you have not qualification or degree in the related field of app development.

That said, developing an iPhone app is something that you can do without having a programming experience, provided you should follow certain tools and techniques, which this write-up is going to provide you at great lengths. Read on…

Does learning programming really help? How long does it take to learn it?

Learning programming to develop an iPhone app is something that is the most cherished wish of every developer from around the globe. However, if you ever happen to search your query, something like “how long does it take to learn programming” in Google, believe me, most of the answers, like “It took me five years and still counting yet learning programming is still rudimentary” will make you feel discouraged.

So, basically, when it comes to making an iPhone app with no programming experience, the first thing you need to understand is that doing tutorials and learning from mistakes is the bedrock that would lay the groundwork for your expertise in the field of programming to develop a mobile app for Apple devices.

How do tutorials help you understand the basics of programming?

There is no doubt in saying that having no prior experience in programming, you will be clueless about how to write a code, or how to install an app into your iPhone device. This is where subscribing to certain online resources, including Khan Academy, can help you broaden your concept of learning programming.

Things To Care

Having no experience in programming means that you have no proper understanding of how to pick up a resource to learn programming. Therefore, the best piece of advice for you is to pick up a beginner’s course designed for novice programmers. Don’t go for the course meant for experienced programmer, for that may sound difficult to deal with for you.

Most of the online resources are free, but there are some of them which do not come cost-free. Hence, you will encounter premium version of these resources which would help you get a good hang over programming so that you can understand how to develop an iPhone app.

Try to understand that when it comes to programming, learning by mistakes is the best suited approach you should adopt. Watching video tutorials would just mean passing your time. It is doing the things said in tutorials in practical and continue with the practice while making mistakes and learning from them. In due course of time, you will soon pick up a good understanding and would get the drift of how an iPhone app is developed.

Things To Understand

There may come a chance when you get fed up of making mistakes in programming. And this is where you have to show patience, believing that learning a phase that requires phlegmatic approach to get a good hang on the subject being learned. It is not possible to learn something without making mistakes. Even if you learn English language, you would make some mistakes on the front of grammar, sentence structure, and contextual patterns etc.

Therefore, when you come across some programming mistakes, instead of fretting over them, try to understand them calmly. If they are not solvable for you, take assistance from your friend, or visit the forums where many developers would assist you learn the programming by helping you understand coding.

Things To Do After Learning The Course

By the time you finish learning a programming course, you should have some ideas about how to build a workable application, for starters. So, you need to work on your idea about the kind of app you would build with certain features. Segregate those features individually and try to build them as discrete programs. The beauty of this step is that when you work on your ideas, problems would come in the way of your implementation. Learning from them would help you accelerate your learning process about programming.

Final Step

After you have started working on all parts of your program, soon you gather understanding about which specific area you must address to avoid messy codes and build the app of your dream. Put together all parts of your programs and figure out ways to improve your code for performance and trust. At the end of the day, when launching of your app comes near, don’t dwell on what people would react to your maiden app. That’s just beta launch. You will get to learn a lot after feedbacks from users.


To make an iPhone app without programming experience could be a good start for any entrepreneur to explore their ways into technical space. All you have to do is to start pretty quick and don’t waste time brooding over critiques. If you’ve got passion, you will carry through the hard times by learning programming in 2020.