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Some people want to know how to make short relaxed hair curly without heat. How is it done? What causes frizz and how do you prevent it?

If you’ve been told your hair is fine, but it is frizzy and has loads of tangles, then you know you’ve been diagnosed with short relaxed hair. What causes frizz is a combination of genetics, stress, and styling. Short hair naturally has more tangles than long hair. So, if you cut your hair in layers to achieve length, this can cause more tangles.

It’s very important that you not use curling irons. Most curling irons cause frizz because they heat the hair before you curl it. Heat can actually damage the cuticle of your hair and cause your hair to lose elasticity.

One of the best tips for how to make short relaxed hair curly without heat is to try some alternative styling methods. Some people like blow drying their hair and using some other flat irons. If you just use the curling iron once every few weeks and keep the curls in your hair, you should be fine.

When you start to get the tangles, you can always try the “Chop and Wear” technique. Put some cold oil in a tiny little plastic container, put some cold butter on it, and use a comb to gently comb the butter through your hair. This will cause it to relax and form a natural curl. You can also use coconut oil to keep your hair healthy.

If you find that you need to straighten your hair, try applying a relaxer at night. The coolness from the relaxer will cause your hair to relax. It may take a few nights to really see the results, but after that you can follow that up with some straightening products. If you have to straighten your hair daily, you can just add a little relaxer to the ends of your hair before curling.

Once you have some loose curls, you can try some air drying with a diffuser. This helps to evenly distribute the moisture in your hair.

Frizzy and tangles are common in short relaxed hair. You can use some of these tricks to take care of your hair. Just take a little time and follow the instructions carefully so you don’t damage your hair permanently.

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