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How to make sugar free soda?

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Soda is one of the drinks that are higher in consumption around the world. People love to drinks it with food or causal at home or in different gatherings. Due to its taste the demand for soda drink is higher in society. At the local liquor store, a variety of soda drinks shows the demand chain of the product that getting higher with time. Besides this, consumption and excessive utilization raise multiple health complications as well. Soda drinks are higher in the level of fructose that directly impacts blood sugar level and increase the chances of diabetes. To overcome this factor brands even introduce sugar-free soda, but they are not healthy anyway. It has numerous disadvantages over the kids, adults and elder’s health as well.

Just to avoid the complication the trend of homemade soda is getting higher. People prefer to make some at home with pure and natural ingredients. It gives a peace of mind that what is in the drink ad it is safe or not.

Why prefer homemade soda?

Overall the consumption of liquor drinks around the world is around 60% to 75%. According to the statistics, the average ratio of people consumes soda drinks and others on special occasions, in celebrations, at dinner or occasionally. Due to the consumption factor of soda drinks, they are affecting human health and a cause of metabolic disorders as well. To avoid the problems, the trend of sugar-free soda and homemade soda is getting higher. People prefer to make a soda at home when there is a gathering instead of getting one from the store.

The main difference behind the shift is just the ingredients. Commercial soda has a high level of glucose, preservatives, colors and other chemicals to develop taste. Even the sugar-free commercial drinks are not exactly sugar-free. But when you are making soda at home you have an idea and complete authority over the choice of ingredients and their consistency or quantity. As well as you can do multiple exciting experiments with natural ingredients like fruits, herbs, spices or even go with the sugar-free options as well. So, making a soda drink at home is a safe, healthy and fun-loving activity.

Making soda at home

Making soda by yourself is fun-loving and exciting, a person can choose the ingredients of his or her own choice and easily combine them. Most importantly the right blend of composition will not give any harm to the health and raise to the glucose level. For the sugar-free soda, you can even eliminate the sugar from the recipe and choose the natural syrup-like fruit syrup, etc.

Now you can prepare soda at home and serve it with delicious food at dinner. Here are the things you need to make a sugar free soda at home:

Flavors of your choice

First of all, before starting the soda making process, choose the flavors you are interested to have in soda drink. At home, a person can experiment with multiple exciting essences like apple, lime, peach, berries, chocolate, vanilla, mint, ginger, and many more exciting blends. When, it comes to sugar-free soda make sure the chocolate should be sugar-free. For the kids, the most exciting flavors for the soda drinks are chocolate, berries, vanilla, peach, and apple. And if you are on diet and want to enjoy soda s well then go with the ginger flavor blend without sugar.

Organic syrup

Commercial soda drinks have a high amount of syrup that usually used to add sweetener. But when you are going to make soda at home make sure to choose the organic syrup to add the sweetness in your soda drinks. But for the sugar-free soda do not go with the sugar choice, make your drink plain. A bit amount of honey, brown sugar can be used in diet soda drinks because they do not give a drastic rise to sugar and good for the overall health as well. If you have the fruit flavor like berries, apple or peach then do not add extra syrup because they have the natural sweetness and enough for the flavoring.

Carbonated water

You can get the carbonated water from the store easily. It just gives a fizzy or bubbles in your drink. So, add it after the ingredients are blend together and you are going to store or serve your drink. An amount of carbonated water can also be customized as per your taste and requirement to add bubbles in your drink.

Make a blend

When all ingredients together then give them a fine blend and fill your sterilized bottles. If you have the carbonated machine, then you can do it with pressure and that gives an exact fizzy look as a commercial soda gives. But if you do not have one just pour the mixture and add carbonated water and cap the bottle or mix. Get the perfect taste of your soda.

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