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Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Card

A sudden medical emergency in India can exhaust the entirety of a person’s savings. This is especially true if he/she seeks treatment at one of the premier nursing homes or hospitals in the country. Thankfully, the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card is here to ease financial hurdles in the way of individuals acquiring the best treatment facilities.

Health EMI card: What is it?

The Bajaj Health EMI card allows you to pay all outstanding medical bills without incurring an immediate burden on your finances. Instead, you can repay the sum in small instalments to your lender within a predetermined tenor. One can think of this digital card as a pre-approved medical loan.

Beneficial features of a Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card

Before opting for such a financial instrument, one needs to weigh all of its benefits and features. Listed below are certain aspects that cardholders can look forward to when using such cards –

  • Instant approval and activation

Due to emergency needs, Bajaj has ensured an accelerated approval procedure for such cards. Furthermore, due to its digital nature, applicants do not need to wait for the physical card to arrive before they can use it. In emergencies, one can apply for the card and start using it to pay for treatments, all on the same day.

  • Zero documentation

Use of health card is not limited by an applicant’s ability to procure documents. In fact, existing Bajaj EMI network members can avail such a card without furnishing any paperwork. Nevertheless, if you are a new applicant to Bajaj’s EMI network, you will need to undergo a KYC verification process. In such a case, an applicant needs to submit PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, a cancelled cheque and a signed ECS mandate.

  • Whole family can utilise such a card

One of the significant benefits of Bajaj Health EMI card is that the cardholder’s entire family can utilise the benefits of the card. Thus, if the user’s children require immediate medical attention, they can still use this card to pay for their treatment procedures. The Health card offers coverage to the cardholder’s spouse, children and parents, alongside their own treatment expenses.

  • Nominal fees

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card is available at minimal and affordable prices, starting at just Rs.589 plus taxes. Thus, availing such a card never feels like an additional financial burden. A premium variant of this card is available for only Rs.707 plus taxes.

  • Repay your bills in two years

The unplanned expenses during medical emergencies can take a toll on a person’s finances, especially because he/she lacks the liquidity necessary to deal with such situations. This health card allows users an additional 24 months to clear these medical liabilities. Alternatively, tenor for repayment can be as low as three months.

After understanding the various features of a Health EMI Network Card, one must determine whether he/she has health card eligibility to avail this instrument.

Eligibility factors for health card applicants

Bajaj only allows existing members of its EMI Network instruments to avail this EMI Health Card. Nevertheless, new customers can also avail its benefits by registering for such a card at network hospitals and other outlets. The NBFC supports more than 5500 outlets across more than 1000 Indian cities.

New applicants must ensure that they meet the criteria listed below before applying for this Bajaj card.

  1. Age – An applicant’s age must be between 23 and 70 years.

  2. Income – Every applicant should have a regular source of income.

How to use the Bajaj Health EMI card?

To use the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI card, applicants need to visit one of their partner hospitals or clinics, which support this mode of payment. Apart from hospitals, this card is also usable across certain diagnostic centres, slimming & fitness centres, hair transplant clinics, pharmacies and many other medical outlets.

Now that you know how to use a health card ensure you apply for the same soon. It can help you seek the best medical assistance without worrying about the related expenses from such a move. Start your application process today!

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