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Alloy Wheels

Let’s add colour to the boring and dull old wheels. At first, the options available for the colouring of the wheels were a few. But with the increase in the modification shops and interest of the public in them, the number of options has increased significantly. Today, you can get them the colour of gunmetal, or some tinge of red, etc.

The basics of the alloy wheels colouring are coating the wheels with a primer and then applying the paint onto the wheels. The last step consists of coating the wheels with a protective transparent layer.

Nowadays, you can get the wheels coloured the same as your car, and you can also choose a contrasting colour for the wheels. It is solely your choice, not the option of availability.

Steps involved in painting your wheels

  • First of all, your wheels will be cleared of any dirt and deformities.

  • A coat of primer will be applied on the wheels.

  • The wheels then are painted with the desired colour by making use of a high-velocity low-pressure sprayer that will apply the paint evenly on the surface of the wheels.

  • To fortify this paint against the environment, the wheels are then coated with a resistive liquid coating or with a baked powdered coat.

Can a damaged wheel be repainted?

Yes, of course, any damage against a kerb or some scratches can easily be removed. If the scratch is on the surface, then the ordinary lathe will finish the wheels accordingly, and you don’t have to spend much. After all that the usual painting process is done from scratch.

But if, the damage is deep-rooted and it is not possible to correct them with the lathe as much of the alloy will be lost, in that condition welding is done. The weld is then blended in with the surface of the alloy and whole process of painting the wheel is repeated again. In the case of substantial damage, you can experience quite a bit of charge on repairs and repainting.

How to make sure that your paint lasts for long with the same finish as in the auto garage for long?

If the wheels are coated with the clear coating liquid, then it is advised that you should not use acid or abrasive substance to clean your wheels. The acid can have a corrosive reaction with the coating and result in the removal of the coating. The wheels, in this case, will be left with nothing on, to protect it against the harsh condition of the environment and may get rusted easily. You can take your vehicles to special alloy wheel servicing auto garages and ask them for their cleaning services free from acidic solutions.

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