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8 Tips to Protect Coloured Hair From Vanishing

Hair colouring process seems very easy to adopt as all you have to do is to buy a hair colour of your choice and go to the parlour to get it done in a perfect manner. It the after treatment or care that leave us in a drastically exhausted manner that requires much attention and effort to maintain it in a good position. Similarly, hair colour is also easy to escape and need a bit more attention to protect it from fading. Scroll down to get some ideas to prevent it from fading or vanishing easily.

Use a good colour protecting product

Many brands have introduced colour protecting products such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion or spray to protect the hair colour from fading. There can be many reasons or ways for your hair colour to escape from your hair and it makes it necessary for you to avoid these causes and protect your hair. The very basic method to protect your hair colour form fading is to use a good colour protecting products such as paul mitchell color protect locking spray that tends to perfectly save your hair color from all kinds of causes which leads it to escape.

Do not shampoo your hair for 72 hours

When your hair has recently adapted colour or dye, the hair cuticles get opened with the process of colouring or dyeing. The shampoo tends to close this cuticle layer, preventing your hair shaft to loose its recently adopted colour. Thus, it is observed that 72 hours are required to let the whole process to complete in a perfect manner and your hair colour to fully absorbed into the hair strands and prevent them escaping.

Wash your hair alternately instead of daily

Even after the cuticle layer gets close, the harsh processing of shampoo and its various elements can affect your hair colour badly which may lead to the fading off your hair dye. Thus, it is suggested to wash your hair at alternate days instead of regularly to avoid such circumstances. Shampoo sometimes while cleaning your hair thoroughly and removing dirt form it, also trends to clean the hair colour.

Protect them while walking out in the sun

The harmful UV rays are very well known to destroy our hair in various manner and can be the major reason for its damage. It is observed that these sun rays are able to turn the best quality hair into damage and dry one. So, it can easily help your colour to escape form your mane and leave it like damaged or can affect your hair colour so badly that it can turn into something brassy or whitish. Thus, it is better to cover your hair by a hat or scarf while walking out in the sun.

Avoid tools that can cause the colour to escape

Various hair styling tools that blow out a high level of heat can easily let your hair fade or escape from your hair shaft. Heat styling tools such as flat irons, blow dryers, curling wand and many more, when used at high temperature, tends to damage your hair. High level of heat is able to make your hair dry and damage that can also because of your hair colour to escape. So, to protect your colour from fading and making its last longer, it is recommended to avoid using such product regularly or frequently.

Apply sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner

The products that contain sulphate in its formulation is meant to clean out your hair and scalp thoroughly. Which means it also cleanses your hair color and help it to escape for your hair strands and leads to brassiness and hair colour to lightens or turn into something worse. If you wish your hair color to last longer then use sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner and help your hair to secure its recently coloured hair.

Try leave-in treatment with a colour protecting product

Leave-in treatment or conditioner might help to protect your hair colour from fading, and if the conditioner is colour protecting then it will be a boon for you. Leave-in treatment is meant to protect your hair form kinds of outer harm and add moisture and shine to it. It can also protect your hair color from fading by penetrating into your hair shaft and locking the colour in your strands. You can simply try this method at home and protect your hair color without any help of hair experts.

Add colour or dye in your conditioner to refresh your colour

Another method to protect your hair colour from fading is to add a bit of your hair color in your conditioner so that it restores your hair color every time you condition it. It is one of the best methods to perfectly refresh your hair color from time to time and whenever you wash your hair.

All in all, all of the above-mentioned methods can be applied in order to protect your hair color from fading. It just requires a bit of your effort and a slight change in your daily hair care routine to achieve that amazing hair colour you always wanted.

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