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You can act slowly, but over time, the valuables you own can become discolored and even compromised due to prolonged exposure. The culprit may surprise you: the light. Sunlight may seem comforting and makes you want to nap in a chair near the nearest window, but in this heat, the harmful UV rays, the wavelengths of light that cause damage to sunlight. skin (think wrinkles) and furniture. When the latter is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods, it inevitably thins out. Discoloration and general fabric deterioration are common, given the concentrated light beam left in your home.


Protect your belongings from the sun


In essence, it is the same thing that happens when you read a magnifying glass on something, but with a much less intense reaction. Over time, people have realized the negative effects of UV rays, which is why most new houses have far fewer windows than those built in the 20th century. Before the advent of modern electricity, older homes were built with multiple windows to maximize incoming light for visibility. It is not uncommon for Victorian homes to have more than 20 to 30 windows. If you live in this type of house, the need for adequate blankets is even more essential.

Plantation shutters
                                                                              Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters flaps are one step ahead


Window Blinds, Shades, and drapes are all viable options; each has a number of different benefits. Blinds are affordable and heavy shades are effective at completely blocking light, but sheer shades do not prevent UV rays from entering nearby furniture. To have enough natural light and protect your valuables, the planting blinds are the best choice to cover the windows.


These shutters originate from large plantations in the southern United States in the 19th century. They are wider than blinds and provide better control of natural light. Since they also fit directly into the window frame, homeowners do not have to worry about light entering the edges of the siding. You can still let in a lot of light during the day, preventing it from coming into contact with rugs and furniture.


Plantation shutters are elegant window coverings that offer superior UV protection. Don’t let the sun damage your valuables.

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