How to Record Text Messages for Trial and Legal Matters? In order to take advantage of the court or other legal proceedings, attorneys and clients often need to present accurate records to serve as evidence. These can be in the form of conversations in the digital world, such as text messages. With the current technology we currently possess, it’s now possible to document important text messages for the purpose of trial and legal matters. In fact, there are more than a million cases where recorded text messages proved to be extremely useful to expose the truth.

According to Statistica, there are approximately 2.52 billion consumers who rely on messaging apps for communication. And with a significant number of messaging apps now available for anyone, it can even strengthen the use of recorded text messages to settle things in the court.


Advantages of Using Recorded Text Messages for Legal Matters

Recorded text messages are capable of providing a strong stand for any party who wishes to make the case turn in their favor. These records eliminate the need for situations involving “he said, she said.” It’s not easy for anyone to deny any statements they made through text messages, especially if the sender directly came from their personal device. In other words, text messages can help speed up a seemingly endless investigation, lessening all of the financial damages of both parties in the process.

Recorded text messages aren’t only useful for cases involving individuals. Businesses can also be prone to facing legal charges, so text message recording can aid them in the same way.


Recording Text Messages

There are several ways of how companies make good use of technology for recording text messages, apart from the common method of taking screenshots. If you want to learn more about the other tips for documenting text messages for trial and legal matters, check out the infographic below by Telemessage.