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The holidays are just over and we are in front of the computer, with our mouths open and a hand on our forehead because we realized we had formatted the memory card thinking that we had already secured, in our PC, the photos taken during the holidays: goodbye Tibetan temples, goodbye Caribbean islands and goodbye simple memories of the trip. 

Let’s take a deep breath and stay calm because the last word is not said: there are different software, both free and paid, capable of recovering files deleted from various mass drives, such as SD card recover or Compact Flashcards. The important thing is to stop using the formatted card before attempting to recover!

Useful Programs

Personally, I feel very comfortable with software distributed by Lexar with its own memory cards, in fact, by purchasing a card like the Lexar 64GB 633X Pro SDXC UHS-1 (Class 10) U3 we will receive the license to activate Image Rescue. The program is very simple to use and works quite well, capable of recovering both JPEG and RAW images. 

Another paid software is  Wondershare SD Data Recover, very powerful because it allows you to recover many types of files from many different platforms and lost for various reasons, from simple formatting to virus infection. Instead as regards valid but free programs, Recuva is certainly among the best.

How To Do

After choosing and installing the recovery program, we insert the memory into the computer reader and start the software. As an example, I will use Image Rescue, but don’t worry because all the software has a very similar interface to each other and the procedures to follow are identical (and in any case guided). Anyway, let’s start the program and choose the card to recover.

Then we press on ” Scan ” to allow the software to process and search for the files that we have deleted. This phase can take a long time, so all we have to do is wait for the procedure to end. If we use a crash-prone computer, or not very powerful, it is good to leave all the resources to the recovery software, so we will not risk crashing it, avoiding further compromising our files.

Once the scan is complete, the program will show us what it has been able to recover, it is very likely that some files (especially RAW) will remain corrupt and therefore unusable, especially if we have used free or dubiously effective software.

In this screen, we can choose which images to restore and where to do it. Image Rescue is a good program but it has its limitations: it acts only on images and videos and can only act on memory cards. To recover files that are not just images, from any storage medium, I recommend the UAE  technician Data Recovery Team.


It is essential not to use the memory card we want to save anymore because we would make the situation worse: the files that we delete from a memory support are not actually immediately deleted but are labeled first as ” usable space “; only when memory needs that space will they be deleted and overwritten by new files. Another tip: in the event that the first attempt does not give the desired results we can try again, do not expect miracles but sometimes some files may pop up unexpectedly.

I hope the article has been useful to you for sd card recovery, if you have any questions, ask them with a comment below!

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