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How to Set Age Boundaries on Kids Smartphone Usage

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Nowadays, smart parents choose parental control apps to limit their kids’ excessive screen time. So are you one of those wise parents?

Of Course, you are! So be with us to ensure your child’s online safety using kids’ safety applications.

I gen children are technospeak and rarely listen to their parent’s advice and learnings. From toddlers to teens – all kids are tech-savvy, and smart devices hold an important place in their lives. Do I sound perfect?

Well,  most of the parents sound will agree to their child’s superior-tech knowledge. So let us find out what is the appropriate age for kids to use smartphones and how to set time boundaries.

  • Infant – 5 years:

Kids up to 5 years are kept away from all types of screens- according to pediatricians. Still, it is recommended that 30-45 minutes of screen time is feasible under a parent’s supervision.

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  • 6-12 years:

Screen time limit rules can be slightly slacked with this age group’s children. According to experts, 1-2 hours are more than sufficient for kids to access smartphones. 

Here, parents should make sure that adolescents at this age are not mature enough to differentiate the appropriate content. They may get persuaded by lucrative content like gambling and dating sites, pornography, drugs and violent videos, and many more.

Thus using parental control software, you can block the harmful and questionable online material.

  • 12-14 years:

At this age, parents usually buy a smartphone for their loved ones. The reason for buying a mobile varies. It may be for staying in touch with teens, or maybe parents find this age-appropriate to hand over a device.

No issues if your child owns a cellphone at this age, but it is mandatory to set limits of accessing the device. Using a kid safety app, you can set the curfew hours on multiple app usage.

2 hours is the standard time, and if your child breaks the rules, make them understand that the privilege of owning a smartphone is not their right. 

Children must focus on their homework, studies, sports, hobbies, and other activities also. Well, your responsible kid can earn extra time for the game console if they complete their homework and projects or help with chores.

  • 15 + years:

This teenage can be considered a grey area for most parents. Your teens are holding a driver’s license, earning money, and applying to colleges.

This transition to adulthood makes them capable of making their own decisions. Limits should still be in place, but you can provide them some digital freedom.

Place restrictions using a screen time limit app that protects teens from excessive hours on the phone, online threats like cyberbullying, and malicious applications.

Best parental control software also offers a speed limit to keep a record on teen’s driving patterns and to locate their whereabouts with Geofence boundaries.

Apart from placing reasonable time limit constraints, parents should also enforce a few basic rules that include:

  • Digital detox is necessary:

Unplug the device from a child’s life. Let them engage in various exciting activities like skiing, playing basketball, draw sketches, etc.

Let your children try their hands on a piano, reading new books, cleaning their room, helping in shopping, etc.

  • Give rest to kid’s cellphone during bedtime:

Sufficient sleep is important for kids. When they are detached from smartphones, it lets them sleep on time without disruption of unnecessary notifications.

And also, it enables children to start their new day with an enthusiasm that, in turn, result in improving their scorecards.


  • No device should be allowed during the family time:

Make your teens understand the importance of family and real-life relationships. During family hours, say, for example, while taking meals, none of the members should carry any gizmos with them.

Utilize that fruitful time in chatting with your children like their new pranks in school, what they learned, how much aware are they about surroundings, and many more. These activities increase parent-child bonding.

Thus, to set age-appropriate boundaries on kid’s phone usage, parental controls are a necessity. Select the best child monitoring app and experience the fruitful results.

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