If you want to set up the Wireless Router, then you come to the right place.

Before knowing the steps for setting up the Wireless Router, you must understand “what Wireless router is?”

The Wireless adapter works on IEEE wireless standards, and it is efficient in quickly transferring files like video, documents, and other applications that require higher bandwidth. Further, it also comes with the wireless configuration program that enables quick and easy setup of the wireless client.

Moreover, the Wireless Router can be easily used and also holds a robust signal with long-distance transmission. 


Things you need to understand

The Internet is now becoming an essential part of our life. Nowadays, the Internet connection is necessary to perform our daily tasks. Just setting up a router and encrypting it doesn’t secure your internet connection. When we migrate our critical functions to the internet, we become more vulnerable to many online attacks. These attacks may compromise your data like pictures, documents, and personal details. So, nobody can afford to lose such vital data. Thus, it is crucial to buy wireless network devices to protect the system from a nuisance caused by hackers.


Encryption is necessary for Wireless Network.

You must encrypt the information that you send over your wireless network, using the encryption you’re able to stop the nearby attackers from eavesdropping over your network or communication.

It is necessary to encrypt your network because the information you send over the network gets scrambled using the encryption method and becomes not accessible to others, i.e., it is known as the best method for securing the network for the hackers.

In the encryption, two main types of encryption methods are available Wi-Fi Protected Access(WPA) and WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy), and mostly, every router uses the same encryption. If you have a choice then opt for WPA2, it is the strongest encryption method and can secure you from various types of intruder attack.

In the past years, older routers came with the WEP encryption method, which was not efficient in securing the router. Due to WEP encryption, the older router gets easily compromised by any common hacking program. So, buy wireless network devices online that come with the new encryption method, and indeed they will not disappoint you.


Steps to Setup a Wireless Router

Plugin your Router adapter and connect the router with a computer using the Wired Router. Now, connect the cable to one of the yellow ports of your Router.

Open the web browser on your computer and go to

You will be asked to enter the username and password. In username type “admin” and password type “admin.”

  • Enter “WLAN Settings” and then “Basic Settings.”
  • Select “Enable Wireless” and enter the new router name in the “SSID” field. Make sure that name includes only numbers and characters. Let other settings be the same and tap “Apply.”
  • Now, tap “Security Settings.”
  • In “Security Mode” select the type of Network Security and Enter the Password.
  • For the demo settings, select “WPA Personal.” Check whether the “AES” set, if yes, then enter in “Pass Phrase.” It will change your Wireless Network Password. By default, it is “PlasChangeMe” or any “default password,” you can change it. Do not change the “Key Renewal Interval,” default settings, and select “Apply.”
  • Tap “WPS Settings.”
  • Tap “Disable” and then “Save.”
  • Select “System Tools” and then “Change Password.” You can change the username and password here if you want to. You are supposed to enter the new username in the place of “admin” and old password of “admin” in the field of the old password. In the new password field, enter the new password and confirm.
  • The user can access the router’s configuration page with these details. If you forget the login details, then you can reset the password again.
  • Close the configuration page.


Your new Home network is successfully set up.


It is necessary to protect your network from any unauthorized access, and it can only be possible by securing your router. Your router is the main route between local networks and the internet, and it’s essential to secure your first line of defense from any unauthorized access. So, you can buy wireless network devices online that support WPA2 and give your network strong security. You can also hire an ethical hacker to keep track of your network, or you can keep track of your system yourself just by gaining knowledge from any Ethical Hacking Course.