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McAfee Inc. is a well-renowned name around the globe for distributing top security software programs. McAfee antivirus provides excellent and most reliable antivirus programs for home users as well as for small and big companies. Mcafee Activate Product Key offers numerous plans for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. You have to check your device specification and then you can easily pick a suitable plan. The robust interface of McAfee antivirus secures your device from various harmful threats. But many people report various errors while running McAfee antivirus. One of the common runtime errors faced by many McAfee users is McAfee error 1404. A user can get into this error due to various reasons like incomplete download or installation. Any corruption on program files or Windows files can also get you into runtime errors. 

Troubleshooting McAfee Error 1404:

Reinstall McAfee antivirus

If McAfee antivirus program has any kind of error on program files or setting then reinstalling the antivirus will remove all those issues. But before disable McAfee, make sure you are carrying your product key. You may require the key while activating your antivirus. Follow the given steps for uninstalling McAfee antivirus on Windows PC:

  1. Open your Windows PC and navigate to Start button
  2. Now go to the Control Panel and click on Programs
  3. Select Programs and Features
  4. Navigate to McAfee antivirus and hit the uninstall button
  5. Wait for completing the process and then restart your PC

Now download and install a fresh McAfee antivirus setup on your computer. Scan your computer and check whether your error gets fixed or not. Make sure you have not installed another antivirus or any security software on your system because it can create conflict with your McAfee; if you have then uninstalled it before reinstalling McAfee.

Use the Windows System File Checker tool

If your Windows files get corrupted then your antivirus or other programs will get you errors until you restore those files. Windows OS provides you a built-in tool known as a system file checker that scans and restores all the corrupted Windows files. For using this tool, go to start menu and type command. Hit yes in the permission dialog box. A black box (command prompt) will be displayed on the screen. Type sfc/scannow in the black box and press the enter button. The system file checker will run on your PC and check all the Windows files. If any of the files is corrupted, it will restore the file immediately. Wait for completing the restoration process and then restart your computer. Now click on your McAfee icon and hit the scan button on the dashboard.

If you are suspecting that your registry entries get corrupted then you must seek professional help. Editing registry files manually can be harmful. If you edit them wrong, it can damage your whole device. You should always create a backup key before editing the registry entries. You should resolve your McAfee error 1404 as soon as possible because any kind of error on your antivirus can lead your data and network to a bigger loss.

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