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‘Hermosa’ is the Spanish word for ‘beautiful,’ which makes it an ideal getaway for that much-needed relaxation. There are two places similarly named Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. One is towards the south of Jaco while the other is in Guanacaste. Hermosa beach, with its greyish sand, is scenically perched between two mountains while the town of Hermosa runs along the beachfront from north to south. The southern end is far more laidback and scantily populated.

Bursting with ocean life is the Hermosa beach coast. Here you can indulge in scuba diving, sport fishing, and snorkeling in addition to horseback riding on the beach. There are national parks located close to the beach where you experience Costa Rica’s abundant wildlife. Here are some useful recommendations to make the most of your vacation while at Hermosa in Costa Rica:

Admire the Majestic Sunset

It is hard to come across a more peaceful and scenic setting like that provided by Hermosa beach, which forms the perfect backdrop to witness the sun setting. Here you see nature at its colorful best from blue waters, grey sand, green vegetation, to butterflies and birds in bright hues. The fact that the beach is not overcrowded makes it possible to soak in this tranquil environment.

Experience Thrilling Adventures

For the adrenaline junkies out there, there are a host of exciting activities to immerse yourself in. Special tours are organized, which you can sign up for, where you get a feel of innumerable adventurous opportunities. Try your hand at climbing a natural rock wall, ziplining, rappelling, and even white water rafting. The high you feel while indulging in these thrilling activities is like no other.

Explore the Beautiful Landscape

To help you absorb and discover the magnificent setting of the region, set out on foot. There are walking trails, hanging bridges, and observation platforms provided for you to get a splendid view of the entire area at your pace. If you would rather take a horseback ride in these tropical surroundings, that too is for the taking. As you trot along the defined paths, you will surely be blown away by the natural beauty of Hermosa in Costa Rica.

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Cruise Along the Calm Waters

While taking a cruise down the Pacific coast, you are sure to spot flying fish, humpback whales, sea turtles, and dolphins. Laze around on the deck to get a welcome combination of the sun’s rays and the cool ocean breeze. As the boat anchors, you are left with many options to explore the abundance that lies underwater.
You can choose to either swim, dive, or snorkel. Snorkeling gear is also made available for those interested in pursuing this activity. Besides on such cruises, you even get your meals or at least a snack with drinks to keep you well hydrated. We suggest you wear suitable attire by way of a swimsuit, hat, sunglasses and sandals or slippers while undertaking such cruises.

Benefit From Volcanic Origin Waters

The Miravalles Volcano is where you can observe the smoke, crystallized sulfur, and hot stones emanating from its active crater. Here there are thermal pools and hot springs where you can relax and soak in these rich waters boasting of properties galore. A mountainous region with a rainforest cover is what grants you safe access to this area.
In the outdoor spas provided, you can enjoy mud baths where to your surprise, you are given a choice of three colors of the odorless clay. These are yellow, grey, and brown, and each color indicates the depth of the pool. For sure, this mud bath will leave you with smoother skin and a fresher feel.

Swim Under Grand Water Curtains

Llanos del Cortez is one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful waterfalls whose majestic scale will leave you and your kids spellbound. You even have the luxury of taking a swim in the area below where the cascading waters of the grand waterfall accumulate. This experience is truly worth the minimal fee you have to pay to admire this magnificent water curtain from up close while soaking in its pure water. Carry your swimsuit along for sure as you do not want to forego such a golden opportunity.

Take a Closer Look at the Wild

Wildlife sanctuaries with nicely built enclosures allow you to come close to animals mostly found in the wild. These include even those that have either been injured or rescued from the illegal pet trade. There are national parks that cover both water and land, enabling you to see an even more extensive range of species. It is fascinating to watch these creatures in their natural habitats.
In addition to the above, surfing, kayaking, and ATV rides are other fun things you can do while in Hermosa. This terrain has loads to offer tourists, so have your fill of excitement when visiting the country.

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