Are you looking for ways to attract customers with a new on-demand service? Yes? Then we suggest you give a shot to ‘UberMoto’ like app, a bike booking app service offered by the giant Uber. In today’s fast-moving world, customers are shifting towards solutions that can save both time and money for them. An UberMoto like app is precisely what they are looking for. If you come up with an app like UberMoto, not only your business will attract more users, but it will also find ways to show your corporate responsibility.

The increased need for bike booking app service,

  • Your customers can skip the traffic with ease.
  • Bike taxi is one of the cheapest and most convenient options for riders.
  • City traffic and congestions caused due to the increased number of vehicles gets reduced
  • You can offer insurance coverage for both drivers and customers, earning their credibility towards your business

Here’s how you can start your own bike taxi app business

Study your target audience

Understand your target group and get to know their needs and problematic points. Find ways to address their problems with your on-demand service. In our case, traffic and congestion caused due to the increased number of vehicles are the major issues. By incorporating bike taxi services, you can contribute your share in solving this issue. Also, bike taxis cost less than the amount spent on cabs.

Decide on the features

Bike taxi services operate in the same way as cab services do. So, list the features that your bike taxi app should include. You can not only refer your competitors in the bike taxi app business but also the ones in cab services. Have different features for the entities – Admin, Customer, and Driver.

Choose the technical requirements

As you start planning the development of your app, be prepared with the technical specifications you want for your app. Choose if your app should be a native one or cross-platform one. Also, decide the platforms on which the app is going to be launched – Google Playstore or iOS App Store, or both.

Things to consider while starting a bike taxi app like UberMoto

Manage a large number of freights and drivers

Before you start your bike taxi app business similar to ‘UberMoto,’ make sure to have many numbers of drivers and freights on board. You should possess the ability to serve the customers even during peak business hours. If the users couldn’t find a bike taxi when they desire, it makes them lose interest in your business.

GPS-enabled map integration

Integrate GPS to your app so both drivers and customers can track each other as the driver confirms the ride. This facility helps the driver to pick up and drop the customer on time at the desired location. Also, the customer will be aware of the driver’s arrival based on his location tracking ability enabled in their app.

Maintain ride now or schedule for later option

Along with the basic features, it is always suggested to have features that give value addition to your taxi app business. Providing the rider with the ability to book rides even for later times gives them a sense of fulfillment.

Review & Rating is a must

Reviews shared by customers can be used to improve the overall experience of the app. Also, the driver should be provided with the feature to rate the user, as well.

Consider the above points to have a rising hand in the bike taxi app business.

The development part

If you are all set to enter the bike taxi app business, go for the leading app development company to get your app built without any further thoughts. You can either develop the app from scratch or opt for the Uber clone app. If you go for the latter, the Uber clone app scripts provided by the app solutions service provider can be personalized based on the needs of your business. Many companies possess the ability to deliver your fully customized bike taxi app in 48 hours. 

As you approach an app development company, get the live demo based on which you can conclude whether to opt for them or not. There’s no issue in developing the app from scratch, but going for Uber clone apps will give your business a competitive advantage among your competitors.

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