If you are on Instagram and find it an amazing platform to share your photos & videos with your followers, then there is a flip side too. People from all walks now a days are using one of the most useful features of Instagram that helps them keep their profiles privacy.

It is done for many reasons to avoid snooping from unnecessary followers and keep data security intact. While the feature is used popularly by people including celebrities, if your urge to view private Instagram profiles is bigger than finding a quick solution to it, then this article is for you.

Ways To View Private Instagram Profiles Without Human Verification –

Method 1: Ask them to add you

The first genuine method that has higher probabilities of helping you view private Instgram profiles is to ask them directly. You can send them a follow request to check if they are ready to accept you as a follower. Once you send them request have patience before you actually know if they have accepted your request. Never know, you might get lucky! Once accepted, you will be able to see all photos, videos and stories shared by them easily.

In case your request is turned down, then follow methods below.

Method 2: Ask for friend’s help

It is another instant method to view private Instagram profiles genuinely. If you know someone from private Instagram holders followers, then it is time to take help from him. You can ask him to allow you to access his account so that you can see content shared by private Instagram holder. The probabilities are your request won’t be rejected! Still, if it is, then it is time to follow next step, method 3rd.

Method 3: Check on other social media sites

It goes without saying that people aren’t limited to one social media platform. The possibilities are high that the person who is on Instagram is probably on other social media platforms too. Only hurdle here is to know their user name, but you can find a solution to that. Now that you know the person is on X platform and you also know the user name they are using, it’s time to check those photos & videos from this social media account other than Instagram. Only if they have shared the similar content on this X platform.

Method 4: Try Google Image Search option

This is tremendous platform to reverse search images on Google. Here, you can search for similar images and find out accounts doing reverse image search. To do this, you simply need to head to Google Image Search and upload one of the images of the private Instagram account holder to find similar images to that. You might get lucky to view images or videos that you want to see.

The next two methods require user’s discretion.

Method 5:  Create fake IG account

If you think your request probably turned down by the private Instagram holder when sent from your real credentials, then it is time to create fake IG account. To do this, you should use information that should look real. Don’t forget to keep your ID private to avoid further issues.

Method 6: Use private Instagram accounts viewer tools

The last solution is to use private Instagram accounts viewer tools. There are tons of these tools available online, you only need to search one that fits your needs. They have free & paid options to select from with additional features to explore. These apps work as a Instagram private account viewers without human verification. Thus, you can expect instant results.

So, these were 6 quick methods to view private Instagram profiles. Do try them and share your experience in the comments below.