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Truck Accident Lawyer

The increase in the number of truck accidents in the past few years has definitely become a matter of concern. Statistics show, there are almost 400,000 truck accident cases occurring each year in the United States involving combinations of tractor-trailers and commercial box trucks. Although with such a huge figure in place for truck accidents, truck drivers are the ones to be blamed in almost all the cases – something that is not always true for all of them. The truck wreck attorneys do realize the fact that irrespective of the truck drivers following the road rules and safety measures, fatal incidents happen because of unnecessary pressurization by employers to achieve bigger targets.

Legal Rights of a Truck Driver

A truck driver is entitled to receive various benefits including wage loss, medical expenses, in-house attendant care, home and vehicle modifications (making both home and vehicle accessible for disabling injuries) and replacement services (help with household chores).

The nature of the employment of a truck driver, whether he is a freelance contractor or employed in a trucking company, makes a significant difference to the kind of insurance applicable in the incident of a truck accident. If the truck driver is working with a trucking company and gets injured while on duty, he is eligible to receive worker’s compensation insurance. In the case of freelance truck drivers, it is required to register their vehicle in the state of operation in order to avail of all the applicable insurance benefits when involved in an accident. This will also help them sue the other party and claim compensation benefits in the event of a crash. A truck accident lawyer can guide the truck driver to process his claims and compensations.

Ensuring Protections are in Place

The majority of truck drivers are not aware of the additional protections available for them in case of a crash triggered by a passenger vehicle. Commercial trucks are mostly covered under insurance policies with the employer of the trucking company to cover a victimized truck driver.

It has been observed, due to lack of knowledge regarding the insurance coverage policy that covers the truck driver for his suffering, pain, and injury, while he meets with an accident because of the negligence of the other vehicle, remains unclaimed.

It is always important to take advice from professional truck accident lawyers who possess complete knowledge of insurance issues to the cases of truck accidents, such as uninsured coverage. The complicated relationship between no-fault auto insurance and workers’ compensation insurance also seeks expert advice. It is very important for a truck wreck lawyer to understand the law thoroughly in order to support a truck driver at the time of crisis or he may lose out on the entitled legal benefits.

Rules for an Independent Contractor

The above-mentioned rules and applicable insurance policies may differ for an independent contractor because of being under the roof of self-employment. Many of the freelance contractor truck drivers are often improperly insured and are also not aware of the offered an insurance policy that they can opt for. Having been working independently, it is all the more necessary for them to stay aware of their entitlements, coverages and equip themselves with the best-suited insurance policy with overall protection. Whatever may be the scenario, a truck wreck attorney can ensure to protect all the rights reserved for a freelance contractor and can get them all the available compensations and benefits required to turn the table towards the progress of the best recovery.

Truck drivers have to attend several extensive pieces of training to get certified as a qualified and trained professional. Their job remains challenging and demands hours of concentration while driving on the road. Thus, when anything wrong happens on the road, it is not always a truck driver’s fault. Irrespective of having a cautious driver who follows each and every safety regulation and has a perfect driving record, a truck driver may find himself involved in an accident at some point in time in their career. Remember to get in touch with a truck accident lawyer immediately after the incident to proceed with the case and stand a chance to receive all the benefits that are available for a suffering truck driver.

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