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Everyone loves green and clean environment. But what are we doing to protect it? Following the 3R’s is a possible approach to save our degrading environment. People often recycle waste products and plastic in order to prevent pollution. Nowadays, people have even started segregating the waste by throwing them in different colour bins.

But do you know that burning rubber generates a tremendous amount of pollution too?

Almost 80 percent of tyres are burnt after they serve their purpose. This activity is a massive reason for the increased pollution in Tier 1 cities. So how do we avoid burning rubber? Well, by now, you must have guessed the answer. Yes! We need to recycle tyres if we want to save our environment from any further damage.

Did you know that every year, almost 1.2 billion tyres complete their lifespans?

If you are genuinely interested in saving the mother earth by recycling tyres, we suggest that you give this blog post a good look!

Tyre Regulations in the United Kingdom

  • As per the 2006 European Union landfill directives, End-to-life tyres are no longer permitted to be thrown away in landfill sites.

  • Now every year, almost 100 percent of the end-to-life tyres are recycled.

  • The government started this initiative to recycle and reuse waste products.

But what exactly happens when we burn tyres?

Effects of Burning Tyres

The smoke released from burning tyres releases harmful chemicals, which damages the environment as well as effects your lungs. Therefore, waste managers coordinate with local authorities to prevent any incineration of tyretop notchs.

Long Term Effects of Burning Tyres Include:

  • Lung cancer and respiratory diseases such as emphysema.

  • This toxic smoke also damages the ozone layer, which protects us from UV rays emitted by the sun.

  • Inhaling tyre smoke also increases the risk of heart attacks.

Now that you know the dangers associated with burning tyres. Let’s have a look at the benefits of recycling tyres.

Benefits of Recycling Tyres

  • Recycling Puncture Repair Scarborough tyres limit the use of new resources, which in turn saves our natural resources.

  • A significant amount of manpower that goes into the manufacturing of new tyres is saved.

  • It makes our environment clean and free.

We do not recommend using old and near end-to-life tyres for your cars.

Aren’t these benefits amazing? But wait, there’s more to it!

Recycled Tyres also Offer:

An Alternative for Gravel: Tyre chips are used as a gravel substitute in applications like drainage ditches, and embankment backfills. Second of all, they are lighter as compared to regular gravel, which results in saving extra labour costs.

In order to reduce noise and vibrations, tyre chips are also used under railway tracks.

Crumb Rubber: Do you know how welcome mats and playground flooring is made? Well, the answer is- Crumb rubber. It is made from discarded steel and cords removed from waste tyres.

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