Selecting a new pair of glasses is very exciting. Fortunately, it is now possible to purchase your glasses and frames online in Kenya. It is important to acknowledge that your choice of glasses reflects your personality. At first glance, the frame describes your character. The best optician will assist you to ensure that your choice of glasses matches your budget, taste, and personality. The following are some ways in which frame styles reveal your personality.

Unique color frame
People who are creative, bold, and not afraid to change always embrace things out of the ordinary. The great confidence allows opting for a bold and different look. You are most likely to opt for glasses with a classic look with something different to set you apart. This is backed by selecting a frame with a unique and original color. Fortunately, the right supplier should offer a range of shades to make selecting your choice a breeze.

Alternatively, you can opt for a frame without color. Wearing translucent glasses is a wonderful idea to look out of the ordinary while portraying your creativeness. It has taken some time for people to accept the transparency trend but today more men and women are opting for translucent frames.

Black metal or plastic frame
Looking more discreet doesn’t compromise the importance of style to you. Following fashion trends is natural and necessary. This requires always eagerly looking for latest eyewear trends. It is important to look stylish from your head to the toes. Therefore, you need the right accessories with glasses inclusive. A good idea is to get glasses frames in black to match your look anytime when stepping out during the day or for an evening out.

Black never goes out of fashion. It is always very classy and classic. Wearing black is quite safe and doesn’t come with any risks while making people take your look seriously. You can opt for a slim and minimalist metal frame or become daring with a plastic frame. Your glasses will amazingly become part of your style and give you a signature look.

Frame with patterns
Perhaps a frame with a solid color looks boring to you. This is true especially when you detest going unnoticed. When looking forward to setting a precedent with your choice of glasses then opt for a frame with patterns. This will make people notice your originality and audacity before you even say a word. Tortoise glasses are unique and give the wearer a unique appeal for their range of patterns.

There is no chance of finding another person wearing a similar frame to yours. This is a wonderful chance to always stand out from the crowd. When planning to match glasses with your unique style, wear patterned and tortoise frame glasses.

Double-bridge frame
When nostalgic and need to get a modern touch, double-bridge frame glasses make a wonderful solution. Popular from the 1960s, younger people are discovering the beauty of this iconic frame. Decades ago, only men could wear glasses with a double-bridge frame but women are increasingly reinventing it. Therefore, the chances of finding women spotting this iconic and retro style are very high.

Modern designers are playing with a range of shapes to contour the eye with the bridge. A range of double-bridge frames are on the market today in various colors including those with curved up or down. Double-bridge frames are redefining the norm today although you can opt for a traditional version. For a blend of modern and retro look, you can opt for the aviator and double-bridge frame.

Types of glasses frames
Plastic frames
These are ideal for people sensitive to metals including steel and nickel. Plastic frames are light and come in a range of colors. These colors make up part of the frame without showing off. Plastic frames hold the lenses perfectly when fitted correctly to avoid falling out. These frames are very comfortable on the nose when fitting nicely on the bridge. Plastic frames have enough thickness that gives them strength.

Metal frames
Thinner than plastic frames, metal frames come in various styles and shapes. Most metal frames are painted to create various patterns to make it easy for anyone to make a choice. Keep in mind that some metal frames are chunky making them a bit heavy although thin and light ones are available as well.

Titanium frames
These frames are light and strong. Titanium frames are hypoallergenic making them ideal for everyone. However, these come at a higher budget and their strength might make adjusting harder compared to other types of frame material.

Bottom line
One’s personality is unique and evolves over time. Luckily, you can always adjust your frame style to match your personality. You can always browse a range of frames offered by an online store to select the ideal choice to reflect your personality.