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Motibindu or cataracts are common that forms in the natural lens of the eyes after a certain age. It is a common eye condition that occurs mostly after the age of 60. This creates the lens of the eye to become cloudy and gives poor vision. With time the eyes lose the power to see clearly and the best solution is to get a cataract operation done. 

Types of Motibindu 

Motibindu Due To Age

In this type of cataract, the lens gets cloudier with age. It is the most common type of cataract formation.

Congenital Motibindu 

These types of cataracts are found in babies. It can be caused by infection or injury at the time of birth. Babies are born with such cataracts or it may occur in the childhood period.

Secondary Motibindu 

This type of cataract is common in patients with diabetes or other external factors such as exposure to ultraviolet rays, radiation or taking diuretic medicines.

Traumatic Motibindu 

This type of cataract is formed in the eye due to some injury.

Common Symptoms Of Motibindu 

Motibindu or cataract symptoms are slow. Not everyone can understand that they have cataracts until their eyes start becoming very weak and clouded.

When cataracts form some of the common symptoms that are noticed are as follows:

  • Cloudy, blurry and foggy vision.
  • Nearsightedness.
  • Problems with night vision.
  • Colour blindness.
  • Light and glare sensitivity.
  • Double vision.
  • Prescribed glasses and contacts stop working.

Motibindu Treatment

In the initial stage, the eye doctor prescribes glasses or contacts to improve the weak vision. But when glasses or contacts do not work properly and the problem remains or escalates, the doctor may suggest motibindu operation

Cataract surgery can be easily done in a well-equipped clinic or eye hospital. The patient needs not to stay in the hospital and can get back home on the same day of the surgery procedure. In this method, the eye surgeon replaced the old, natural lens of the eye with a new artificial one.

Why Get Motibindu Operation Done?

The three major reasons to get a cataract or motibindu surgery done are as follows:

  • Patients with continuous cloudy or blurry vision that does not tend to improve or change must opt for a surgery. Also, people may get a double vision that makes it difficult to do a normal day to day task. People cannot read or write or do any work on the computer.
  • Having poor night vision is another reason to get motibindu surgery done. It becomes hard for people to drive at night and is risky for people who have to drive daily. With cataract operation, the night vision becomes improved.
  • Cataracts can make people see halos and they become light sensitive. After a cataract operation, these conditions change and a person does not experience halos or light sensitivity anymore.

Things To Expect In Motibindu Surgery

The eye surgeon will perform certain tests to evaluate the eye condition and learn about the lens measurement. Once the doctor gets the measurement of your lens, they will choose the right artificial lens for you.

During the surgery, the patient will be awake. The doctor will only numb the eye so that the patient doesn’t feel any pain. Depending upon the patient’s eye condition the doctor may give additional medicines. 

The operation is pain-free. It takes about an hour to perform. In this treatment method, the doctor makes a tiny cut in the eye using a laser. Then the lens is broken up using a special tool and the pieces are suctioned out.

Patients with cataracts in both the eyes may need to go for separate operations as instructed by the eye doctor. For quick healing and recovery, patients must follow the doctor’s advice and take all the prescribed medicine or eye drops.

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