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Fossil fuels are depleting at an alarming rate. Once depleted, it would take thousands of years to be formed again. So, people have started searching for viable options. Renewable resources (sunlight, air, water, geothermal, tides) are being used to generate electricity. This will help us preserve fossil fuels for the future generation.

What is Hybrid energy?

The hybrid energy system, also termed as hybrid power, is a blend of two or more renewable resources, that are combined to improve the efficiency of a system. Renewable energy sources with similar operating features (energy, efficiency, lifetime, power density, self-discharge rate) are clubbed to form a hybrid energy system.

Benefits of hybrid energy

  1. The energy produced through renewable resources is majorly dependent on climate. If hybrid systems are used, the energy supply would be uniform irrespective of the climate or lack of source.
  2. Hybrid energy makes the system run efficiently.
  3. The fuel usage is minimal and the generators produce a maximum amount of power through hybrid systems.

What is a hybrid energy storage system?

Various storage systems have been built to store hybrid energy.

Efficient hybrid energy storage systems are:

  1. Power to heat battery storage
  2. Power to heat/ Hydrogen battery
  3. Supercapacitor and batteries
  4. Batteries and batteries

Hybrid energy storage for commercial:

Batteries are fabricated specially for high power applications and to store a huge amount of energy. Central power manager and stationary energy storage systems are the most efficient and viable options for commercial use.

A new technique called ‘Levelized Cost of Storage’ (LCOS) has been introduced. This will help in analyzing all the hybrid storage systems based on their cost, performance, capacity, and efficiency.

Hybrid energy storage for residential areas

Unlike factories and industries, residential areas require less energy. Battery bank (2 or more batteries combined for a single application) is used in a residential area to store hybrid energy. Most hybrid energy storage systems are off-grid systems. That is, they produce and supply power on their own without taking any help from the electricity distribution system. Commonly used hybrid system for residential use is wind-solar (PV) hybrid system.

Wrapping up

Electricity and power have become a basic need, but many people do not have the luxury of it. Hybrid energy systems would be a good alternative to fossil fuels. They are economical and do not harm the environment. It is easier to construct and will also ensure that all the villages and towns have the privilege of electricity.


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