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Ideas on How to Plan a Christmas Jamboree in your Caravan or Backyard Garden

Christmas time of the year that involves many frolics and chucklesome moments along with a with never-ending parties and get-togethers. And, to keep the zeal of this festivity alive and in full swing this season, nothing better than hosting a Christmas Jamboree at your place. There is no denying of the fact, planning and hosting a party can get both tiring and exciting. Either a caravan or backyard garden, both demand a careful yet stem-winding party planning and execution. You need to be on your toes throughout the preparations and during the Christmas party, because, hosting a Christmas Party isn’t a child’s play. 

Hey, don’t bring that timorous looks on your face!! We are here to help you plan a great and talk-of-the-town Christmas Party either in your caravan or backyard Garden. 

However, before proceeding on discussing how to plan a Christmas Jamboree, remember, this is the time of the Year when the Irish Government has their eyes on everyone who owns a vehicle or a property in Ireland. Anyone failing to produce valid caravan insurance or mobile home insurance Ireland during this time can get added to the list of defaulters and this can ruin every bit of the Christmas mood and zeal. Therefore, before proceeding for hosting a party at your caravan make sure you have a valid and up-to-date mobile home insurance or caravan insurance Ireland. 

Now, coming back to the interesting and important part, here are some ways of celebrating a Christmas Party in your Backyard this season :

Ways of Celebrating Christmas Party in the Backyard Garden 


Choose an interesting Party Theme


Since the Christmas Holidays are all about fun, celebrations, and festivity, there are a plethora of party themes you can choose which will fit in your schedule, budget and lifestyle. Some examples of a  good Christmas Party Theme could be a formal Christmas Party having the typical bone-china cutlery along with lavish decorations and accessories. Another example could be a casual theme, wherein you can keep it as simple and sassy you want, with just a few appetizers and finger foods starters.


Create a Christmas List well in advance


Plan and keep a list prepared for the items and activities you wish to have for your Christmas Party. Don’t make a mistake of keeping anything for the last minute, as it will just pile on the stress levels and can make things complicated.


Show your DIY expertise


Christmas is all about making your loved ones feel special. Nothing better than creating something quirky with your creative minds and presenting it on your Christmas Party. 


Set a great Party Mood


A party without Music always sounds and feels incomplete. Collect some great and peppy song numbers that are perfect for setting a party mood. Try and keep the music volume a bit low giving your guests the freedom to interact and chat making new friends around.


Arrange the Food Stalls 


Set-up a buffet table arrangement in a manner that gives every guest enough room and comfort to do a self-service and enjoy the delicacies. 

Now, let’s talk about ways of planning a Christmas Jamboree in your Caravan.

Ways of Celebrating Christmas Party in a Caravan


Indulge yourself with spell-bound Preparations


Caravans often provide limited space to make arrangements for any kind of party, but, a Christmas party always holds a special place in everyone’s life. Therefore, to make your caravan look festive, lit it up with a lot of Christmas lights, add some quirky decor inside as you would do at your home. Create a happening outdoor look surrounding your caravans with lights, trees, and other figures.


Plan some activities


Despite the size restrictions in a caravan, it can turn into a cozy, social or as a private party adobe for Christmas. Plan some card games or some board games to enjoy inside your caravan. Keep good storage of wine and rum to go with your fun-activities.


Opt for a breath-taking location


The best part of hosting a party at a caravan is that you can choose a perfect location to go with the festivity. Drive to a perfect location for caravanning in winter holidays, and deck your caravan and it’s surroundings with lights, decor, and accessories. 

Remember folks, while hosting a party in a caravan, make sure that your caravan insurance or mobile home insurance Ireland is updated and valid. Rest, use these ideas and plan a great party this Christmas Season.

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