You ignored the rattle, the clatter, and the hiccups. You ignored all that was told in the user manual; you ignored all the warnings, the complaints, and the hints, and where did it bring you? To a standstill in the middle of nowhere.

News for you. Your lovely car’s heart might have given up on you, but there is a chance it might start beating again. A car’s engine can choke when you start it after keeping it parked overnight. It may even happen at the worst possible moment – while driving or worse, in the middle of an emergency, leaving you high and dry. There are problems, and there are solutions even to a wilted heart.

But first a lesson on the signs that let you know that you have not loved your car enough.

  1. There is an uncanny clutter overtime you switch the engine on.

  2. You postpone or at times miss out on the periodic maintenance schedule.

  3. You ignore warning lights on the driver’s display.

  4. Your car’s engine likes to get overheated.

  5. You haven’t checked the engine oil, coolant, spark plugs, and camshaft belts in ages.

  6. While running the engine, crazy sounds surround you.

  7. Your car is louder than a tractor’s engine.

  8. Your car’s exhaust has turned into a loud trumpet.

Now, let us talk about the things that could have caused the damage.

  1. Age or lack of engine oil – Engine oil is one of the essential requirements for the running of a car’s engine. The overall poor health or the lack of engine can cause an increase in friction, overheating, excessive wear and tear, and eventual death of an engine.

  2. Water Damage – Water in the engine can cause far-reaching damage, ranging from rusting to failure of engine oil, to the inability of the engine to perform it’s most basic functions.

  3. Rusting – Although anti-rust coatings are used, in areas close to the ocean and other water bodies, due to the humidity, overtime engines can start rusting. Rust eats away essential components of the engine like cancer, leaving behind just a shell.

  4. Broken parts – Sometimes, small parts might break off the main engine body and create turmoil in the engine, thus wreaking it.

  5. Broken timing belt or camshaft – At times, due to overheating the timing belts or the camshafts of the engine can break, causing the pistons to move randomly and lead to immensely damaging the engine.

  6. Overheating – Overheating of the engine can cause the piston to expand beyond the walls of the cylinders, thus damaging and seizing the engine.

And finally. things you can do to bring the engine back to life:

  1. Pull the crankshaftCheck the crankshaft and check if it is rotating or not; if it is, there could be a problem with the starter.

  2. Remove the starterSometimes a seized up engine can cause the engine to lock up. Check the starter to make sure it is not the one creating problems.

  3. Check for water damage – If you think there is a possibility of water damage, do not try to start the car; it might cause irreversible damage.

  4. Check the timing belt and camshafts – Try to remove the timing belt and reinstall it after timing it correctly so that the engine might be able to start up again.

  5. Remove the glow plugs or the spark plugs – Remove and clean the glow or spark. There might be dust or other things stopping them from functioning properly, which can be resolved by cleaning them.

  6. Remove serpentine beltOne of the first thing to do in case of a seized engine is to remove the serpentine belt; in some cases, the alternator or the air-conditioning compressor can also cause the seizure of the engine.

  7. Remove oil panIf the crankshaft is seized and there is water or oil in the cylinders, and the camshafts are moving freely, remove the oil pan and inspect the camshaft bearing and rods for damage.

To conclude, it is not every time that the seizure of your car’s engine is going to be irreversible or going to cost you a stone. Sometimes, simple solutions are enough to bring it back to life.

Often there are simple things you can do to make sure the seizure does not happen to begin with. For Engine Diagnostic Derby keep in mind to visit Motorwurks, and ensure the heart of your car is not at stake because of negligence.

Follow the advice of the experts, act on the diagnostics, and your car’s health will not suffer, saving you the hassle of a seized engine.