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In 2016 alone, there were 3,424,971,237 people who worldwide accessed the Internet. Every year the numbers grow and the internet becomes more and more important to the everyday lives of the people on a societal or an individual level. 

Individual Level

Distance Learning – educational and enrichment opportunities for every generation group are quickly becoming the norm at colleges, adult education programs and even virtual elementary schools use the internet to provide educational support to their students. They allow their students to upload their assignments online from their home. 

Entertainment and Connectivity – We have all become used to having everything at our fingertips. We can easily browse a recipe online, video chat, check the latest stock information , download music, stream a movie or play interactive games. With the internet provided mostly everywhere, ISPs are able to provide enough bandwidth to do all of those things at once without having to sacrifice service quality of the internet connection. 

Knowing all of this will help you decide to get the fastest internet in the Philippines for your benefit. There are some of the best internet providers that are available at the market who offer fast internet service to their clients. 

Telecommuting – rapid access to the internet makes it possible for the people to communicate. Working remotely, working from home allows people to live wherever they want without having to think or sacrifice career opportunities. Furthermore, symmetrical fiber speeds make uploading content for/to work is just as easy as it would be sitting in the office. 

Smart Homes and Security – smart home technology is one of the fastest IOT growing markets. Connect every part of your home so it will run seamlessly from your smart device. You can also protect and monitor your home remotely using smart home security. 

Health Care Access – Telemedicine has made advances that allows people for the digital transfer of information that once used traditional telephone technology. Nowadays, high-speed fiber connections allow health care staff to evaluate, diagnose or treat a patient in remote locations using different communication platforms. The Internet provides seamless video connections so the patient in a remote location can access medical experts quickly and efficiently without having to travel. 

Societal Benefits

Public Safety – Broadband can help public safety professionals to prevent emergencies and respond fast when they occur. The Internet can also provide the public with new ways of calling for help or receiving new and updated emergency information about the current happenings in the country. 

Energy and Environment – Transportation and power generation are 2 of the biggest impacts on one of the environmental issues here in our world, which is global warming. Both smart grid technology for the generation of electricity and the distribution, metering and improved transportation management can make efficiencies that will reduce emissions and ultimately carbon usage of different industries.

E- Government and Civic Participation – what makes the government work as it should be is transparency and engagement in public. Access to reliable, high speed internet allows live streaming of proceedings regardless if it’s municipal, state or federal one – either in real time or more importantly on demand. Government websites and social media platforms provide a continuous stream of information to the public as well as forums for the participation of the public.

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