Cable TV is a system for broadcasting video content of television, VHF radio and other services to consumers via fixed coaxial cable, thereby avoiding conventional broadcasting antennas distribution of the system, mainly via cable TV services. Officially, cable television involves the distribution of multiple television channels received and processed in a central location referred to as a front end to subscribers in the community via a fiber optic and / or coaxial cable network and broadband speakers.

If you use different frequencies, you can use the same cable to assign many channels without having to assign separate cables to each channel. The tuner of the TV or radio selects the desired channel from all channels broadcast.

Cable television systems start at the front end where they receive programs, amplify and then transmit over a coaxial cable network. The structure of the network is in the form of a tree that transmits the “trunk” of the signal on the road, the “branch” of the signal on the building, and finally the “arm” of the signal in each house. Coaxial cables have the bandwidth to transmit a hundred TV channels, and each channel has a bandwidth of 6 MHz, but the signal decreases rapidly with the distance, so an amplifier is needed to periodically “update” the signal to the signal to improve.

Backbone in local cable networks often uses fiber optics to diminish sound and exclude the need for speakers because visual fibers have greater volume than coaxial cables and can carry more programs without loss of signal or noise. Most TV tuners can directly receive cable channels that are normally transmitted in RF (Radio Frequency) band, but many programs are encrypted and subject to customs fees.


Cable television services are particularly stable. Both traditional radio waves and modern satellite television can and will bother you in any heavy storm, usually with some less severe storms. On the other hand, the cable only goes off when there are certain defects throughout the system, such as a damaged cable or a damaged router. This is far less common than heavy rain, so cable TV offers a more reliable service.


In general, some service offers cable TV packages (usually internet and telephone). Sometimes, however, services such as mobile phones are available. With these cable TV packages, you can actually save a lot of money, especially if you bundle all three typical services together. It also offers the convenience of a bill.


If you have not added too many options, cable TV packages may be quite cheap. The original hardware amount is comparatively cheap then satellites. For this reason, cable television is probably the low-priced form of television apart from buying a projector.

Best Service for Cable TV packages

In the long run, many cable companies are very confused about how much their services will actually cost. If you bundle cable TV with the Internet, privacy is less protected on the Internet. The stable IP address of the wired Internet does not change, allowing users to easily track your visits to your website. Spectrum is the most secure and reliable service.

Spectrum Cable TV offers three deals, spectrum select triple play it offers 125+channels you can simply watch your favorite channels. Its downloading speed is 100Mbps. It also provide free DVD service. They don’t charged for modem. The second one is Spectrum Triple play, you can get high-speed Internet, HD TV with DVR and home phone with unlimited nationwide calls. In spectrum gold triple play, you can enjoy the best quality channels anytime you want. An additional incredible feature of Spectrum TV Gold is that it not only offers more than 200 channels, but also offers the Spectrum Gold Package, APX, TMC, HBO and Showtime.

Reason of why you should choose Spectrum cable TV packages

The biggest reason you buy charter spectrum packages is the unbelievable number of channels you select. Charter Spectrum gold packages offers three major deals for their customers – Select, Silver and Gold. And then gives you different channels with each of them. The Charter Channel lineup offers you the best sports, entertainment, news and children’s programming channels. One of the major reasons for the choice of spectrum compared to other vendors is that the services are contract-free. Frequency customers are not subject to one-year service contracts and may be canceled at any time. There is no charge for termination of your services.

The other reason is to buy spectrum packages is that you can easily record your favorite events or shows. To use this you need to be subscribed to the Spectrum DVR service .You can record programs you watch directly on television or you can record upcoming events. To record a program you watch live on television: Press the record button on the remote control.