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Domain Authority or DA is referred to as the ranking a website achieves in a search engine based on its performance and popularity (traffic it incorporates). This was developed by Moz, that predicts how well a website will rank on a search engine result pages or SERPs. Moz assists this DA score to websites based on several factors, such as linking root domains, the number, and quality of incoming and outgoing links, your domain age, and other multiple factors. The scoring of DA is done between a range of 1 to 100.

The higher scores correspond to greater ability to rank. DA is one of the parameters to judge the viability of your website but isn’t the only one! Getting a high DA score should be your topmost priority as it determines how well you are doing digitally. But do remember that only getting a high DA score won’t take you at the top of SERPs.  DA plays an important role in link building for SEO. Let us consider its importance in Link Building.

Increased SERP position

A high score Domain Authority will list your site high in rank in search engines, further contributing to the increased SERP position of your website. This is a vital step for any site, to reach the top on search engine result pages and high DA score helps you in just that. Because if you’ve got a high score, then search engines are most likely to display your site at the top. It is all a matter of priorities.

Attracts guest posts

Guest posts that allow you to write blogs for other sites, including several backlinks to your own site is yet another factor that DA helps you achieve. A high DA scorer site will eventually attract more guest posts as people would like to gain traffic for themselves as well. And more the number of Guest posts, more will be the backlinks, thus enhancing link building for SEO.

Attracts Advertisers

Advertisements are necessary for any site to gain revenue. These are the only means that help a website earn digital money. And for that, people need to invest their ads on your site, which will be enabled by a high DA score. As obvious it may sound, a site that ranks wells on the search engine will definitely have a large audience, hence contributing to more advertisers to invest in them.

Enhanced online identity

Another perk of getting high ranking in search engines is you enhance and improve your online identity. People will connect to you, and your network will expand. They’ll enjoy surfing through your website and help it gain more popularity each day. Thus, with a high DA score, you help yourself improve your influence and maintain your identity.

Increase in sales and Sponsored posts

The higher you rank in your DA score, the more Sponsored posts you’ll attract. And this will further lead to an increase in your sales. Your website will undoubtedly grow to a platform where you’ll be able to sponsor your posts. Sponsored posts are a great way to exercise increment in sales and enhanced link building opportunities.

Thus, only guest-post on the sites with high DA rankings. Here you can find a list of blogs for guest posting with good DA rankings to start with.

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