In almost every country, marriage certificates are issued by the authorities. These are universal documents that are written in the official language of a particular country where marriage has been taken. Yet, in case the couple or one of the partners is planning to travel abroad, needing the help of marriage certificate translation services is a must. This applies true for countries where the language used in marriage certificates are not being understood.

It is a general rule that couples must present their marriage certificate if the needs arise. This rule is basically uniform in most countries. However, translation services should be needed the most when this document need to be translated in the target country’s official language. One example is a Russian marriage certificates of two Russian natives married in their own land. In case one or both of them travel to Italy for business purposes, translation services must be hired to apply for a visa.

Meanwhile, translation services for translating marriage certificates or documents also cater other documentary services as well. Translation services also offer divorce certificate translation services and degree translation services. Marriage certificate translation by document translation services is essential in many ways. This applies true in terms of utilization of the said document as requirement in going to other country.

Importance of Marriage Certificate Translation

Due to modernization and technological era, the sacrament of matrimony is often been neglected between couples. Numbers of them stay to be in unmarried state and decided to live as partners. Further, there are some cultural beliefs that documentation for a traditional marriage is not as important as the existing relationship.

Yet, traveling abroad needs not only a declaration of the relationship but a proof of having an authenticated one. Translation services may generally help to provide this proof of documentation. Seeking to hire for translation services to assist you in this documentary requirement is really crucial.

  1.   Proof of the present marital status

The marriage certificate, especially the translated one from the professional translation services, is a genuine proof of the present status of the marital relationship. This document is necessary in case one of the couple is applying for a visa. The submission of the marriage certificate may prove that the relationship status is real. Moreover, translated marriage certificate from translation services may be helpful in those countries where they have a specific native language.

  1.   Other importance of translated marriage certificate

Translated marriage certificates are essential for the following agencies and institutions:

  •         Health and social welfare units
  •         Employers
  •         Educational institutions
  •         Tax authorities

These organizations are requiring the marriage certificates as part of their standard protocols.

Marriage Certificates Certification

Aside from translating, marriage certificates must then be certified afterwards. Generally, some divorce certificate translation services also offer certification and authentication of documents. In hiring the translation services, it wouldn’t be hard to inquire for a certification process subsequent to the translation of marriage certificate. Furthermore, the translators who do the translation process of the marriage certificates must also be the one to certify it. The process of certification is generally done to verify that the translation of the original document is true and has an accurate translation.