With the corona virus crisis, the masks have become a needed product that will have additional presence in your life than you would have liked.

In most of the cases everyone is talking about a disposable substantial, which must not be used in over one work shift (excluding for reusable ones). It is estimated that it will have a high consumption, if it is to be used according to its specifications.

You can differentiate the following kinds of masks according to their purpose:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Medical Device (PS)
  • Hygienic masks

To get an idea, the tests to be evaluated include, among others, the following parameters:

Leakage of particles into the interior:the tests are carried out to verify the degree of protection they provide to users; they measure leakage by face fit, leakage through the exhalation valve if present, and penetration through the filter.

Skin compatibility: irritation or any other adverse effect that may be caused by the mask material is checked.

Flammability: Masks should not be highly flammable and should not continue to burn after 5 seconds after leaving the flame.

Carbon dioxide content: the CO2 content in the free space between the face and the face mask uk after inhalation should not be more than 1% by volume average.

Obstruction test: it is mandatory for reusable masks and optional for the rest. Obstruction caused by the mask is measured after exposure to a standardized particulate spray (with dolomite).

Fit test: The face piece is airtight and a fit verification test must be done.

It should be noted that this type of Face Masks uk, when it has an exhalation valve, should not be used by people infected with COVID-19, since the exhaled air would be emitted without any type of retention and the spread of the virus is favored.