PPC is one of the most successful platforms of digital marketing and advertising these days. Start-up businesses and even established ones have found the PPC model beneficial for their company. PPC which is abbreviated as ‘Pay Per Click’ is the phenomenon of buying online traffic or visitors on a website. The reason why it is called as pay per click is due to the fact that search engines charge companies on the basis of each click (or visitor) their website gets due to the search engine.

How PPC help businesses to grow faster

A website get traffic through search engine from PPC as well as organically. The organic way of catching traffic may take a larger duration as compared to PPC. Not only that, PPC is also beneficial for businesses due to the following reasons.

  1. Budget Control

The advertiser or company get all the control in allotting a specific amount of budget in the PPC campaign. This makes it easier for them to compare the marketing budget and the value they are getting from it.


  1. Avoid Unwanted Traffic

PPC marketing is so smart that you can optimize the search engines to get the right traffic for your business. Advertisers have the option to block the ppc ads on the unwanted keywords and can target the right buyers for their business.


  1. Set Timings for Traffic
    PPC marketing
    allows you to set the timings of your ppc ads to be displayed on the search engine. If you think you can catch your targeted audience on the specific hours, you can always optimize it according to your need.


  1. Quicker Results
    If you compare the output you get from SEO strategies and the one you got from PPC. You will find the results of PPC way better as it provide the business better return on investments and time as compared to any other digital marketing channel.


Hence, PPC marketing is a must for any e-commerce business as it not only boost the sales but also let you have permanent customers for your online business. It is a must have for a company looking to grow online. Other than Pay per click marketing, the alternative approach to enhance the business is through search engine optimization also known as SEO. It is considered as an organic way of getting the traffic through search engines without paying them for ads.

How PPC is different from SEO?

PPC and SEO work parallel to improve the traffic of a website and generate leads for the company. Companies opt for different strategies of PPC and SEO to get the best output from digital marketing of a company. Depending on the business, companies from all over the world get seo services in Pakistan and other countries to boost their services or product based business. Some companies sell packaged for SEO and PPC services while other charge a handsome amount monthly from the clients. However, the competition is increasing due to increase in the demand of digital marketing services.