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Tyre Tread

Your body is an excellent example of a perfect machine. In this machine, every part is designed by nature with a specific objective. Correct?

Similarly, your car is a machine consisting of different components. It is made by trained engineers who design every part of the vehicle with a particular objective.

Here, we are going to talk about an essential part of your car. The tyres in your car!

You must have observed that the tyres in your car have patterns of raised lines. These lines are called tyre tread. You have observed it or not, but the tread wear out in different patterns depending upon your driving techniques. Well, we are going to talk about tread wear later, but now, we would like to tell you about the importance of tyre tread.

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Why is tyre tread important?

In formula one race, the tyres of the racing cars have no tread pattern. The grip of racing cars’ tyres is exceptional for running these surfaces, but we cannot drive a car with these tyres in daily-life situations. The surface of the road can be made of different materials or possibly, you have to drive on a deconstructed road.

Therefore, you need a better grip of the tyres while driving your car on irregular surfaces. For this reason, tyres are manufactured with treads. Now, you are aware of the reason for using tyre treads by the carmakers. We can now elaborate on the topic left above.

Seven main types of tyre tread wear

1. Central Wear

Sometimes the tyres are overinflated due to more than enough pressure and the centre of the tyres hits the surface frequently. This situation causes central tread wear.

2. Side Wear

Under-inflated tyres cause side wears in which the tread is worn on the sides. Check your tyre pressure if you observe worn tread on the sides.

3. Flat Spot Wear

Flat spot wear is possible due to frequent emergency breaking. If you do not remember any incident when you had to stop your car suddenly, your braking system may have a problem.

4. Sidewall Wear

The drivers who park their vehicle too close the curb may observe sidewall wear. This type of tread wear is generally observed in narrow streets or urban areas.

5. One Side Wear

In this type, the outer or inner part of the tyre starts to wear. If you observe it, check the alignment of your car. Additionally, checking the springs and ball joints is also necessary.

6. Cupping Wear

Cupping wear is an uneven wear pattern looking like scoops. It is caused by the regular up and down motion of the wheels. The bad suspension system can be a reason for cupping wear as well.

7. Feathering

You can feel this pattern by running your hand on the tyre. Generally, this type of tyre wear is experienced on one side and sharp on the other side. The problem may be resolved by checking the wheel alignment and suspension system.

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