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Vehicles have made travelling so much easier and comfortable. Vehicles are a great investment and it is important that you take good care of the investment because they are not cheap. Vehicles are complex machines and they need proper maintenance to function safely and efficiently. If any part of the vehicle is not working properly then it is not suitable for driving on the road.

When people are buying vehicles they put a lot of thought in the model, color, and features of the car. People also pay attention to the amenities and performance package of the vehicle. One thing that does not get much attention is the tyres. Tyres play a significant role in determining the performance of the vehicle so they should not be overlooked.

Tyres are an integral part of the vehicle. The tyres are in constant with the road and are responsible for providing reliability and stability to the driver. They also experience a lot of wear and tear because it is in constant contact with the road.

Why tyres are important?

The tyres are responsible for supporting the load of the vehicle, transmit traction and brake forces to the surface of the road. They also absorb the road shocks and maintain and change the direction of the vehicle. If the tyres are not in good condition then they will not be able to perform the required functions making it the vehicle dangerous to drive.

How to keep tyres in good condition?

It is not feasible to change the tyres every month because they are not cheap. It is possible to increase the lifespan of the tyres. Here are a few ways that will allow you to keep the tyres in perfect condition.

  • Make sure that you check the pressure of the tyres regularly because if the pressure is too high or low, it will have a negative impact on their lifespan. Checking the tyre pressure monthly is effective in keeping them in good condition.
  • To increase the lifespan of the tyres you should change the positions of the tyres from time to time. When you change the position of the tyres and rotate them it will prevent uneven wear and tear. It is an effective technique in lengthening their lifespan.
  • Make a habit of inspecting the tyres once a month. It will help in identifying the extent of damage and allow you to change them before they can become cause of a serious accident. If you find serious cracks or blemishes or uneven wear or any other red flag you need to pay a visit to the local tyre dealer so you can buy car tyres in Manchester and replace them immediately.
  • When you are driving a car it is important that you pay attention to how the car feels. If you notice that the vehicle is dragging or shaking then you need to take a look at the tyres. If notice the vehicle is failing to perform to the best of its ability then you it is time to schedule a service appointment so you know whether it is time to get rid of old tyres or not.

Drivers that keep ignoring the condition of the tyres are not just increasing the maintenance and running cost of the vehicle they are also compromising their and other people’s safety.

Dangers of old tyres:

  • If the tyres of the vehicle do not have adequate tread depth then they will not be able to perform properly. When the conditions are wet the traction of the tyres suffers. The grooves on the tyre siphon the water away from the surface of the tyres making it easier for the car to create traction. When the speed of the car is fast and the tyres do not have the right tread depth then it can lead to hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is when the tyres loose contact with the road and vehicle can lose control and result in a serious accident.
  • If the tyres are not inflated properly or they are bold then there is a danger of tyres blowing up when the car is on the road and result in an accident.
  • People are often too focused on what is under the hood that they forget to pay attention to the tyres. It is important to remember that if you have bad tyres it does not matter how good the engine is because the tyres will fail to keep up with the engine.
  • Bad tyres also make it impossible for the vehicle to have reliable brake. The vehicle should stop when the driver hits the brake but if the tyres are not in pristine condition then the car can slide and slip before coming to a halt.

Importance of good tyres:

A vehicle needs to have good quality tyres that are in good condition. Here are the reasons the vehicle should have good tyres.

Ensuring safety:

The tyres play a crucial role in the safety of the vehicle so it is important that proper attention is paid to them. When the vehicle is on the road the tyres are constantly in contact with the road and experience a lot of friction. The friction causes the tyres to become worn out and if you keep using the old and torn tyres then you will be compromising the safety of the vehicle.

It is important that you inspect tyres regularly so that you can identify damage and deterioration before it becomes dangerous. Inspecting tyres for damage is an easy task. Look for the sidewalls and tire tread for cracks, cuts, snags, foreign objects, punctures, etc. If you spot any foreign items like screws, nails, glass, stones, etc. embedded in the tyres, you should remove it immediately.

When the tyres are damaged it will compromise their ability to support the load of the vehicle. Worn out and deteriorated tyres will make it impossible for the vehicle to turn, grip the road or stop properly. If you spot any damage then you need to change the tyres otherwise you will be risking your safety.

Achieving efficiency:

Vehicles run on fuel and if it is not efficient then you will end up spending too much money on the fuel and the vehicle will become unaffordable. If the vehicle is burning too much fuel then you need to check your tyres. It is their job to make sure that the car moves smoothly. If they are too deteriorated then it will be hard for them to support the vehicle load and the vehicle will become unbalanced.

By making sure that the tyres of the vehicle are in perfect condition you will be able to reduce the fuel consumption so that you are not wasting too much money on fuel. When the tyres are uneven it will be hard for them to keep constant contact with the road and driving can become dangerous.

Replacing the tyres is going to cost you money but delaying the purchase is not going to save you money. Old tyres will increase fuel consumption so avoiding buying new is not going to help with the financial situation.

Better performance:

When the tyres are in good condition they will be able to properly balance the vehicle and have excellent tread. The pressure of the tyres should also be perfect otherwise the performance of the vehicle will be compromised. When the quality of the tyres is not up to the standard then you will be able to feel their effect in the performance of the vehicle. When the tyres deteriorated and damaged then the driver will be able to feel the vehicle pulling, vibrating, etc. The ride will not be pleasant if the tyres are not in good condition.

The important functions of the tyres also include aiding the suspension and if the tyres are not in good condition then the rides will become too bumpy and uncomfortable. The quality tyres will make a huge difference to the efficiency of the vehicle.

Maximum traction:

Everything related to driving is affected by getting maximum traction. The traction makes sure that the driver is able to keep the vehicle under control. If the tyres fail to provide proper traction then driving can become dangerous especially if the conditions are dangerous like its raining or snowing.

When the tyres have the proper amount of tread then it will make sure that the tyres are able to pass through water and snow without impacting the balance of the vehicle. If the tyres do not have tread then it can make the vehicle skid or spin especially when the roads are wet and slippery.


It is not possible for vehicles to function without tyres so it is important that proper attention is paid to their condition. The tyres impact the efficiency and safety of the vehicle. When you are buying new ones for your vehicle make sure that you think beyond the initial cost. Never compromise on the quality of the tyres because they play a huge role in ensuring the safety of the people in the car.

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