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There are many factors to consider when finding the right mobile shelving systems that are best suited for your museum’s storage area. Making the wrong choice can have damaging consequences including spending more money then you should, ending up with a storage system that doesn’t meet your exact needs and not being able to efficiently utilise your available storage space.

To help you make the right decision, here the most important factors to consider ensuring your museum ends up with the right mobile shelving system:

Will it integrate into your current storage area?

The work environment of their storage areas is an important factor for museums to consider. For example, they may have a specific pallet jack or forklift that may not be compatible with the mobile storage system such as its sporks not being able to slide underneath. The existing lighting of their storage area also plays a huge factor. Museums store many priceless artefacts and collections that need to be highly visible at all times so staff can easily and quickly identify certain items.

Will it fully utilise the storage space?

As there are many types of museum mobile shelving, the exact measurement of the storage space it is fitting into is extremely important. Factors such as the shape, the height and the size of the storage system need to accommodate the available storage space, such as the positioning of doors and windows. Will it have to be custom made? The mobile storage shelving needs to enhance the storage area as well.

Will it meet industry safety standards?

As with any industry or business, safety is crucial for museums, not only for staff but to also ensure the safety of their incredibly valuable inventory. This is why museums should always search for a mobile shelving systems provider that can provide their certifications on their website. Certification such as an ISO 9001 from SAI Global ensures that they are manufacturing with only the highest standards of materials.

Will there be enough space?

Museum staff and workers need to easily navigate through the storage area for quick access to stored and catalogued artefacts. Museums need to consider factors such as the rotation of their collections and how their staff will move and operate throughout the storage area.

Will it meet their specific storage needs?

It is an obvious factor yet still incredibly important. The mobile shelving system needs to meet museums specific storage requirements. Does it need to store heavy and bulky items? Will it require specific features such as adjustable shelves, be electronically operated, run on tracks for seamless movement or meet a certain weight capacity? Reaching out to a storage solution provider that can create custom mobile storage systems according to their customer’s specific requirements is the best option.

Museums need to consider these important factors when looking for museum mobile shelving systems for their storage areas. Making the right choice is made easy with the right mobile storage system provider.

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