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Being a tanning studio owner, you need to ensure that your customers have a professional and pleasant tan experience. One thing that I would guarantee you is that equipping your studio with exemplary customer service and some high-end sunbeds is what makes you stand out. The first and the most important thing that any studio owner should do is invest in a Tanning Studio Software. However, in this article, we would discuss some of the items that should be available in your studio to improve your customer experience. It would also help you to improve the overall quality of your services.

Glowing Essentials:

Tanning lamps, tanning tubes are the most vital equipment of a tanning studio. However, these days there are a variety of lamps available to choose from. They not only fulfil the tanning function but also have some special properties. For example, your sunbeds might be equipped with a red light that helps to improve the youthful appearance of the skin. With the use of hybrid lamps, you can give the customer much more than a pretty tan. If these lamps are not regulated by the law, then I would suggest you install different types of lamps. The varied intensity of these lamps would give your customers the power to adjust it according to their requirements.

Tanning Lotions:

There are a lot of indoor tanning lotions available in the market and for a studio, they are a must-have. These lotions or moisturizers act as skincare agent and they also help to accelerate the process of tanning. They help to provide the necessary skin moisturization and nourishment. When these lotions are not used the skin is subjected to dryness and could cause premature aging. The dryness formed on the skin also hinders the absorption of UV rays therefore they are necessary for the tanning process.

Keep Customer Record:

Irrespective of the number of visits that an individual customer has to your establishment you need to store data about them. Most of the wellness establishments such as hair salon use Hair Salon Software to keep a detailed record of their customers. This allows the business owner to know more about the personal sensitivity record of a customer. Therefore, you can work on it to improve their tanning experience. All these things can be done through management software therefore you need to invest in one of the best of the market.

Keep Your Studio Clean:

Some things could not be ignored and keeping your studio clean is one of them. This is very important for your customer hygiene and safety reasons. No one wants to sit on a dirt tanning bed that is all covered in hair and sweat. The dirt and dust on the ground could ruin a person’s experience. Therefore, to provide your customers with a relaxing experience you need to keep your studio clean. The cleanliness of the studio is not limited to the tanning equipment. Anything that could catch dust such as light switches fans should be properly cleaned and disinfected by using some certified cleaner.

Ensure Your Customer Comfort:

I understand that tanning procedures don’t take a lot of time, but the time the customer spends on your establishment should be comfortable. So, make your customers comfortable by providing some type of makeup removers. You could also add some wet wipes and deodorants to give a refreshing experience after the tanning procedures. Another small thing that you could add is a small foam pillow or a headrest to the tanning bed. Also, make sure that you offer some free beverages to the customer so that they could recover the lost moisture.

Where these things are the necessary part of a tanning studio a good management software would also make your and your customer’s life easier. Therefore, I would recommend you visit Wellness Wellyx for more details about this management software.

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