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Top Six Useful Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Sales

The competition among the eCommerce industries is huge. Where large enterprises have it easy to leave a mark upon their consumers, mid-sized or small scale business is finding it tough to be in the race. But, it does not mean you trail behind. We suggest the top six most powerful ways to improve your online store performance while increasing their sales in the most efficient manner. Here they are. Just navigate through to know the best option. 

  • Mobile Friendly 

At the first place, you must make sure that your eCommerce website is mobile responsive. This is being the reason, the trend is known as mobile commerce. These days, it is all about browsing your internet on the go with whatever smartphone you have. As per, half of all the online shopping is likely to happen over the mobile devices. This means your shop must feature something more than just responsive web design. So, it means your product is highly absorbed to feature scopes for mobile users starting from its development stage.  And eCommerce application development tries to optimize the feature of mobile responsiveness from the scratch to the last. 

Therefore, hire eCommerce developers, who have eyes for details in high-quality eCommerce development skills. Extract the best from endless eCommerce website building possibilities that feature bigger images of cart button on the mobile device and influence the visitors to become repeat customers. 

So, always determine the best for your eCommerce websites and improve optimization via a mobile responsive website. Remember, Google does not allow non-mobile websites to run and scale on the browser. So, if your eCommerce website misses this feature, it can be a huge blow to your business.

  • Robust live chat support 

Incorporating a live chat on your website is now the most efficient way to establish communication with your visitors, and turn them into your customers. The report suggests that average eCommerce conversion rates are between 1% and 2%. Probably, you would like to increase that rate as high as possible with more robust performance activities. 

As is with live chat, 64% of online visitors want live chat support on the eCommerce websites available from any devices. Over the past years, live chat has become more than a necessity for customers. As per Forrester research, a live chat with real-time communication flexibility fosters personal and interactive conversational scopes for consumers increasing the sales growth by 2.8 times. Additionally, a live chat can improve customer experience by increasing their satisfaction level with a 73% approval rating, followed by an email with a 61% approval rating. 

As per FurstPerson study, more than 77% of online store visitors are highly reluctant to make a purchase from an eCommerce site that does not incorporate live chat support. Hence, every eCommerce development these days is highly engrossed in implementing this feature on eCommerce websites to increase conversion rates.

Well, there is more to this feature that can drive sales to your eCommerce site and also improves task management.

  • AI-based chat support or rather we call it by a chatbot, is a robust tool to cut costs related to managing traditional customer service representatives without impacting the service  quality. 
  • Addresses customer queries within seconds
  • Satisfies customer expectations 
  • Offers thoughtful and detailed response 
  • Leads customers to the purchasing page with embedded links in the communication thread

People want this feature on their shopping journey, so forget not to integrate this smart tool to your eCommerce website. For more ideas and thoughts on this, you can ask for help from renowned eCommerce development services. 

  • Fast Hosting 

The server that gives your eCommerce site power to load faster can yield good results for your online stores while boosting its ranking on search engines like Google. 

If you fail to make sure that the eCommerce website is fast, the customers are more likely to get away from your shopping site. Know the best eCommerce development solutions from the experts in the eCommerce development on how to improve the page loading of your site. 

In this context, you can prefer shared hosting capability if your budget is a constraint. On the other hand, if you can bear a slight expensive model, go for SSD hosting meaning solid-state drives. Most of the leading eCommerce application development firms offer the service along with the site design and development

Better if you can allocate resources for VPS. This server hosting makes your website faster. Remember, fast websites drive better sales results. 

  • Incorporation Of Better Images 

Well-crafted images can gain more boost than the manufacturer’s images. Most competitors feature the manufacturer’s images. Here you can be creative and use your image to showcase your products or items. Remember, these days, eCommerce websites should be visually stunning to attract visitors. So, add elegant and feature-rich visual elements to your website to outperform the other competitors.

  • Fascinating Product Description

Product description must be compelling enough to intrigue buyers to purchase from your site. First of all, it must focus on your ideal customer base and also highlights the benefits of the product in the most lucrative manner. Always make sure you use easy-to-understand, descriptive and interactive descriptions to connect with the customers. Don’t forget any plagiarized content from your competitor sites may land you in jeopardy and draw penalties from Google. Any high-profile eCommerce development services pay close attention to this highly neglected attribute with care. 

  • Launch An Instagram Campaign 

As part of a robust social media campaign, you can leverage Instagram promotional activity to increase sales to your online store. It has more than 500 million active users, enabling you to connect with influencers, consumers and even brands. Have compelling photos with hashtags posted on the feed when your users are active and showing interest in your products. This way you can boost your engagement with your users and drive organic results for the eCommerce sales. 

Wrapping Up

So, these are some of the best probable tips to boost sales for your eCommerce store. If you want to transform your eCommerce store and want a dedicated eCommerce development and improved eCommerce campaign activity, you can opt for one of the leading eCommerce development services from Bytes Technolab.  We are a seasoned eCommerce developer who has expertise in Magento and WooCommerce development to facilitate exponential growth for your online business. Reach us today for assistance or to discuss your project needs.

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